Thursday , January 27 2022

Junk food ads have become a "monster"


A former ad manager says that junk food advertising has become a reklam monster Eski.

The founder of Living Loud UK, Dan Parker, is encouraged to become more insidious in the advertising of unhealthy food and beverages, encouraging people to live healthier.

Di Ads have become so ingrained in the online content; children and adults now don't even know their ads are being made, şimdi he said.

Mr. Parker, who once worked with major food companies before developing type 2 diabetes associated with obesity, spoke at the opening of the Irish Heart Foundation's (IHF) Stop Targeting Kids campaign.

The foundation found that seven out of 10 adults supported the prohibition of advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages to children.

About eight out of 10 adults think that advertising contributes a great deal to childhood obesity.

Mr. Parker said the junk food marketers went to extraordinary lengths to influence the children's choice of food.

”Junk food advertising was a monster that manipulated the emotions of young people,“ he said.

The boom of digital marketing and the brutal exploitation of bruises in the broadcast regulations of exaggerated food brands meant that children were bombed every day with impossible ads.

Er However, there should not be cases where it is acceptable to market junk food for children, çocuklar says Mr Parker.

A petition from / stoptargetingkids calls on the Government to organize digital marketing for Irish children and close adres spaced gaps, in broadcast restrictions.

In 2013, the Irish Broadcasting Agency banned junk food ads in children's programs, up to 6% of children.

The regulations, according to IHF, continue to see more than 1000 junk food ads each year on Irish television with children between three and five years of age.

The IHF brought a water basin ban until 09:00, because most children watch television between 6 and 9 pm, even if they don't create 50% of the audience.

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