Tuesday , January 26 2021

January transfer plans, Benjamin Mendy, FFP – Man City Q & A LIVE

How to get Fernandinho and his place

We start with a few questions about Fernandinho.

The Usb asks which plan to change Fernandinho for January, and Rodgers wonders if Douglas Luiz is the ideal person to take over.

As the derby explains, Fernandinho remains the undisputed most important player of this city team. Their defenses are challenging and their attacks are deadly, but each part is allowed to function because Fernandinho glues the sides very well, takes over the possessed goods or, when necessary, destroys the opposition stands.

The city therefore plans to sign a new player for a number of reasons. First, Fernandinho is the 34th in May and cannot continue in this way (although this is not said for the first time!). Guardiola did a good job of setting up the team for years to come, and this position is the last part of this plan. Secondly, the wounding or suspension of the Brazilians would leave the City vulnerable, as they had no other choice, because they were no longer in any other position. This does not go as far as you can call Bernardo or Gündoğan in the absence of De Bruyne.

This second reason helps explain why the City is looking at Fred and why it is so difficult for Jorginho in the summer. Now, as Chelsea has shown, they have had the chance to build the position for many years, signing a player who has almost guaranteed a player to play in the Premier League. The fact that they didn't move after they missed Jorginho was not only about how expensive the transfer market looks, but also the special demands for this role in this system.

Not being able to get a work permit in Douglas Luiz was a bitter blow in the summer, and even though John Stones was played there in a few games, City is still looking for someone to be assigned to Fernandinho for a short time. Become the first team player. If Luiz, of course, influences Girona, he has a chance to attract the attention of Frenkie de Jong and Naples' recent Allan talk.

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