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Ireland v Northern Ireland 5 talk score ahead

Martin OkNeill will send Ireland for a friendly battle with Northern Ireland on Thursday night to find a lasting boost for a tough year.

Michael O & # 39; s Neill side of the conflict, which ends on Monday, League B, Group 4 will be held in Ireland and 5-1. year.

Here the Press Association Sports, taking a look at some of the conversation points surrounding the game.

Familiar enemy

Irish championship Martin O ChrisNeill of France in the 16 match against Euro 2016 (Chris Radburn / PA)

Martin OıNeill celebrated the fifth anniversary of his appointment as Irish boss earlier this month. The prize is a reign to the Euro 2016 finals and the Russian conquest of the country in the 90th minute of the World Cup finals this summer.

As an actor, Derryman, for Northern Ireland, played 64 games in the World Cup quarter finals in Spain in 1982, and freely admitted that he could give a # occasional pang 39 feel during a game against his neighbors. First time since 2011.

Spotta McClean – again

The reasons why James McClean doesn't wear a Memorial Day poppy is a matter of recording, but some don't have ice. She was harassed after the clash of Stoke hedefs Sky Bet championship with Middlesbrough and there is a fear that she might find a target for fans traveling at Aviva Stadium.

Winning wins

Irish midfielder Alan Judge scored his second goal against the United States (Brian Lawless / PA)

The Irish team made a revision last year, with the management team looking at a number of different options and reviving new players.

But in reality, they have won only one of the nine games they play – a victory in the United States between the ages of 2 and 1 – in a World Cup qualifier in October last year, they must win 1-0 to Cardiff and qualify for the Euro 2020 qualifier. to rediscover the winning feeling before the start of the campaign.

Spirit of 2016

The culmination of O .Neill came in the Euro 2016 finals in France, where the Republic reached its 16th arrondissement and was a real awesome for the hosts.

Two of the star men in the tournament were Seamus Coleman and Robbie Brady.

Coleman voted just four times for his country for breaking his leg against Wales in March last year, and Brady is playing three games on his way back from a serious knee injury, but both are desperate to make up for the squad and the lost time.

Ay Oba?

When Declan Rice steals the epic, all eyes will be on Southampton striker Michael Obafemi this week.

When Shane Long joined Jonathan Walters on a disability list, O ,Neill returned to the Republic, England, and an 18-year-old from Nigeria.

The manager insists he will not put pressure on young people to make a decision before the Danish match, but a friendly look can only gain his mind.

– Press Association

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