Tuesday , July 27 2021

Hands-on review: iPhone Xs

IPhone Xs (pronounced 10s) and Xs Max were released at the end of September. I was able to reach 512GB silver Xs in my hand.

At first glance, it doesn't seem to change much. Apple has protected the entire screen design from the iPhone X. The new phone comes in three ways: space gray, silver and a brand new gold.

The phone has a windscreen and a windshield made of rear windscreen, made with a special industry-leading glass formulation to increase durability and scratch resistance.

The new iPhone is said to have a new level of waterproofing, but I don't have the guts to test it yet.

Super Retina Display

It comes with iPhone Xs, Super Retina display and custom-made OLED panels. Have the best color accuracy you've seen on the phone! The HDR10 display and Dolby Vision make any viewing experience exceptional.

It features True Tone technology, which uses an advanced six-channel ambient light sensor to easily adjust the white balance on the screen to match the color temperature of the light around the phone.

This makes the screen look as natural as a printed page. I always thought it was stupid to watch videos on laptops to get a better display, but the iPhone Xs were able to convince me otherwise. Now I have a high-resolution display that is perfect for streaming in my pocket all the time.

Rear camera

I personally believe in the “real iy camera rather than the phone camera. I believe holding a DSLR and entering the photo-taking world is something. Xs .in camera features were very interesting.

The phone has a dual camera system that integrates 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras, ISP, Neural Engine and advanced algorithms to take good pictures.

The camera is said to have intelligent sensors with deeper and larger pixels for improved color quality and better photography in lower light.

The sensor has deeper pixels to improve image accuracy for better low-light photos and larger pixels. Furthermore, it has more focus pixels for auto focus at twice the speed. The sensor also improves video stabilization.

It also has a smart HDR that brings more emphasis and shade detail in photos. My favorite feature is the brand new Depth Control that allows you to adjust the depth of your portraits after shooting.

The camera basically captures, stores and captures all the details, and allows you to edit these pixels regardless of the setting you are taking when you take the image, regardless of what the DSLR cannot provide.

The iPhone Xs can also capture 4K video with lower light performance and extended dynamic range in video modes up to 30 fps.

All these features have changed my mind about moving me to a big DSLR. Why would I do this if I had one as good as my iPhone?

Front camera

The front camera on the iPhone Xs is a 7MP ön TrueDepth Camera “that allows the phone to offer enhanced Portrait mode. To provide stunning portraits you have a more complex and nuanced bokeh or background blur.

All-new Depth Control allows you to adjust the depth of field after shooting. You can adjust the aperture without affecting the exposure – something that any expensive professional camera can never do. After the portrait is taken, all you have to do is go to Edit & adjust the Depth Control.

TrueDepth is also a feature that enables Face ID. The sensors read the unique geometry of your face and compare them with the information stored on your phone. If you have a match, your iPhone & # 39; s unlocks.

TrueDepth camera, dear Animoji True and “Memoji ji is one of the features that makes it possible. It captures and analyzes 50 different facial muscle movements, then animates these expressions in more than a dozen different Animosus like a panda, a Dragon and a cute ghost. At first glance, I thought it looked the same last year, but I was wrong.

This year Animoji and Memoji recognized your language. I never thought I'd be excited about a Koala Animoji sticking out your tongue, but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I'm not ashamed to say I love it.

This year you can also create Memoji, which works like an Animoji, but it looks like you. There are many customization options that allow you to have a Memoji that reflects you. The best part is that you can use your Memoji in videos and FaceTime because of the new Neural Engine (the new eight-core design that allows it to perform 5 trillions per second compared to 600 billion in A11 Bionic). .

Face ID

That was something I wasn't too happy for – but not for the reasons you're expecting. I upgraded from an iPhone 6s, so it was my first interaction with Face ID. I'm going to hate it, I'm going to miss the button in the house.

A few days later I liked it. When I looked at my phone, I appreciated that I knew my face. It was convenient and fast.

Augmented reality

When you think the phone can't be better, it's better. The phone has ARKit2.0, which makes augmented reality even more interesting. Now you can measure things with your phone, you can look at the products in your room in 3D and even explode explosions from the person sitting on the table. The last one is my favorite.


I think the iPhone Xs is a win. The market has brought many new and exciting features. It's a winning camera and super fast A12 Bionic chip that runs everything so smoothly. It was an instant love for me.

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