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Ginola, Keegan & # 39; s infamous Newcastle rant gives an idea about

Published on Tuesday 27 November 2018 9:44

David Ginola gave an idea of ​​how Newcastle players reacted to Kevin Keegan. infamous.

Ginola, Manchester United 'in 1995/98' in the Premier League seemed to win and Manchester United scored 12 points in late January.

However, from early February to early April, they lost only two wins and five defeats in nine games and delivered Alex Ferguson the title United.

Sky Sports, which lives in Keegan's rent, is described as one of the main reasons for Newcastle's collapse.

Hearing that his manager was screaming at her dressing room, Ginola remembers the actresses in a hurry to "help her because we think there's a problem in the bunker."

“We heard him in the dressing room, soy Sky Sports said. Ük Actually, we went to help him because we thought there was something wrong with the bastards.

"Yelling. He was really upset. He also realized that the events were out of their hands. Well, it's embarrassing.

. If you're seeing someone as tense as that night, you realize you've lost their confidence in the previous weeks.

“Can we make the right decision in the near future? Because he was really worried about losing. It was safe before.

Adam It's a disgrace because he's a great guy. I admire him as an actor. He didn't say too much in the locker room. Everything was very simple. I think that's probably the biggest shame of that. Sanırım

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