Wednesday , October 20 2021

Game Inbox: Are you still excited for Battlefield V?


I remember someone who wrote a few months ago. Smash Bros. basically says that it's a museum tour, with game characters or something like that, rather than a playable game. They said that they never came out with this, but they respected the existence of such a thing and the character's cadres. It was written positively. I felt the same for that and bought the whole DLC for the last time for the Wii U, even though I didn't play enough to guarantee the money spent on it. Even though I never attended Final Fantasy, I really liked Cloud.

I agree with that, I can say that whoever is in the game rather than a killer game, so I remember the letter. I've never been so good, but I especially accept music, nostalgia and stages.

My child was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) at the beginning of the year and is now only four years old. His love of Nintendo characters is seen in an unprecedented way, especially in the Mario Kart and Smash Bros variations. So whatever you like, I pushed him. I'm not sure why they're so obsessed with them, when I realized, I didn't see them playing like I did with the games on the Wii U. But I had access to a tablet for the last two years, but I didn't get into that, so I guess it's through advertising.

Super Smash Bros. to buy the Piranha Plant. I've got a pre-order for Ultimate, and I don't have any regrets about it. Smash Bros. I bought another Pro Controller with the version, so it feels right at home even though the game is self-playing. I just hope he likes something that I can't see that at the glimmer of his eyes.

It may sound like Homer buys a bowling ball on Simpson's Marge, but it's not. I forgot to mention that my child is silent, he doesn't talk to me, so I have to watch him and his facial expressions are such a gift. Especially because of the belly that I can describe with no reason for laughing. I'm still trying to do everything.

I remember saying that she was an autistic person in cast actress when she wrote about Overwatch, which was a good letter that kept my ears up when I read this.

As I read on the web, I started to think about a lot of autistic people like video games. Is there some kind of connection between the disorder and the environment? Whatever it is, it's okay with me. Happy child is a happy father.

Personal level. I can't wait to see whether Shoryuken from Ken is stronger than Luigi.
Nick Greek

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