Sunday , April 11 2021

Frankie and Benny zincirs turn into Britain's first family restaurant chain forbidding cell phones

Frankie and Benny ilks is the first family restaurant in the UK to ban cell phones.

The Italian-American chain's decision said that as a result of new research, 72 percent of children would spend less time on their parents' phones, and 70 percent said their parents had more screen time than their parents.

After entering the restaurant, they will be asked to leave their phone in the designated una phone area gesi box for dinner and leave them on the table for the duration of their meal.

The initiative is part of the birlikte No Phone Campaign a which aims to compete between 29 November and 7 December for families who spend time together without interrupting smartphones.

Frankie and Benny's spokesperson on whether the ban will be accepted after this period Independent This will depend on the success of the trial to be judged on customer responses.

From Thursday you will choose to participate in the dinner campaign and free children's meals as an incentive.

"Our staff actively encourages customers and families to participate in the campaign and campaign, but we cannot, of course, force them to hand over their phones," the spokesman said.

. If the enterprise is a success, we will be looking for ways to mobilize it in a more permanent way. “

The campaign emerged after the paths that bosses could encourage people to engage with each other at the dining table.

”We've had the chance to separate the devices for a couple of hours, to bring them closer and to embrace family time, şans he said.

Parenting expert Susan Atkins believes that moving away from screens will help strengthen family ties.

Um I'm glad to see Frankie and Benny begin to guide the screen by banning the screens, “he says.

”We live in an intensely fast, 24/7 digitally connected world as long as we don't consciously plan to be, so I love the idea of ​​families sitting together, eating and chatting away from the screens.“

He added that parents who reduce the time they spend on their phones will help their children build an example of ”where and when technology is available At.

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