Thursday , August 11 2022

Facebook has chosen Dating feature launch for Canada, but privacy concerns are abundant


TORONTO – Mark Zuckerberg is ready to play matchmakers for Canadians.

The company Facebook Inc. will aim to do more with its friends through a new friendship feature that will celebrate the North American launch in Canada on Thursday.

Facebook Dating, which was previously a pilot in Colombia, works with users who are separate from Facebook users and create profiles that are kept away from their friends.

The Company will propose matches that share a common friend or group and event that users share with friends but who share friendship preferences, interests and likes.

The proposal will support text-only conversations between matches to minimize tek everyday encounters tır by establishing long-term relationships and will try to avoid fraud in order to have a fake online identity to avoid fraud. A traditional Facebook profile of a user.

Charmaine Hung, Facebook Dating's technical program manager, said: kur I really think that non-original experiences make it really difficult to meet online and that people are trying to prevent online friendships and meaningful connections. Iyle We wanted to make sure you could build this trust with someone. “

After a series of data violations, the technology giant is confronted with privacy concerns, and Facebook Dating is spreading to Canada. The company with the highest profile received the data of up to 50 million Facebook users when it was misused by analytical firm Cambridge Analytica. User confidentiality was again under risk in September, when the company reported a major security breach in September when 50 million accounts were accessed by unknown attackers.

Some experts say the friendship proposal will improve their privacy concerns on their own and it is not possible to calm concerns about the platform – Zuckerberg has previously designed it with "privacy and security."

Tamir Israel, an attorney at the Canadian Center for Internet Policy and Public Studies at the University of Ottawa, Samuelson-Glushko, said he had concerns about how someone would be due to his Facebook and friendship profiles actually taking part in the same practice.

"People think it's some degree of isolation, because they decide what they're going through their profile, but we've seen it again and again that it's hard to maintain such divisions."

Sic Despite the challenges, they are struggling to gobble up a bit from the rest of the ecosystem, but the problem is, erode over time has a bad record. “

Privacy concerns, why Facebook 's "integrity and security" to provide a number of measures aimed at the goal, he said.

For example, users will have to sign up for friendship instead of automatically signing up. Participants should initiate location services to verify that they are in the city in which they are located, but may revoke this access after registration.

In addition, there will also be a feature that allows users to be blocked and prevents users from sending messages more than once to potential interests if others do not respond to a reply.

If a user is overwhelmed by matches, or if he / she wishes to pause from friendship, they can pause the Meeting and decide if the application is not suitable for them, they can give up and all friendship data will be destroyed.

Alar It's good on Facebook, un says Miller Thomson, a partner in the company's cyber security practices, ular thinking about some of these issues.

Olur The more you share about yourself, the greater the potential exposure for privacy. “

Facebook & # 39; # 39; a, he promised to resolve the privacy issues and social media users to create a culture that more privacy concerns are helping to establish a culture, would be in the interest of doubt, he said.

”Probably MPs should be more comfortable with Facebook now, because all the investigations they've made because of those who just dropped, because everyone is watching everything they do,“ he said. ”Their information is probably safer than in the past.“

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