Tuesday , August 3 2021

England weather: Weekend, remaining three days

England will be exploded with a three-day stagnant rain monsoon.

According to Met Office, showers will continue throughout Thursday night, as is expected for strong winds for most of the country.

On the weekend, especially in the western parts of the thunder, where the thunder is set, it is being set to wash.

But Saturday will be even brighter and drier with more sunlight.

But there will be a few scattered showers.

The downpour was driven by strong low-pressure systems rotating in the Atlantic.

Tourists visiting Edinburgh Castle in the rain

China will move clouds and rain in different places using satellites

However, the wilderness will take three weeks to the winter and last until winter.

In the Atlantic, the powerful low pressure systems brought by heavy rains, torrential rains will bring the morning until tomorrow.

The tropical air brought to a jet of super charged jet will see that over the next two days, temperatures will lead to more ın convective gün showers.

Three-week storms can create misery in autumn and winter

The vehicles are passing a water-filled section through Crickhowell, Wales, A4077 on October 13

The British, however, have pledged the Atlantic as a large-scale hitch and the 2000-kilometer pressure vortex threatening the weather misery on Friday & # 39; they support themselves.

Met Office estimators are closely monitoring the rotating vortex that could lead to the fourth storm of the season – Deirdre.

The giant low-pressure 'whirlpool', seeing that it was raining 50 mm in the south and west at the weekend, seeing wet and windy conditions going on next week.

Storm Deirdre was expected to reveal the worst weather conditions, with a yellow warning to wind and rain until midnight until Friday.

Government officials air weather warnings and flood warnings ahead of stormy weather tonight

Weather in England: Met Office alerts from heavy rain and winds from tomorrow

In addition to flooding, canceled trains, ferries and buses, delayed car journeys are also estimated due to wild weather conditions.

John Hammond, a former BBC and Met Office estimator, said: ve This week, a gigantic vortex of low pressure in the Eastern Atlantic will see the flow of jet into the UK towards wet and windy spells.

Pot The potential of destructive winds should be monitored. Western parts are the most prone. A few wet spells are expected. "

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