Friday , May 20 2022

Emerging: Liverpool sections where children are most at risk of fatal disease


Young children in some parts of Liverpool may be at risk of catching the fatal diseases they are not protected from.

A shocking map shows that three out of 10 children in many parts of the city do not have a second birth day of the first dose of MMR jab.

It protects against diseases that can cause fatal complications against vaccines, measles, mumps and rubella.

Health professionals recommend that 95% of people should be vaccinated against the disease – people who cannot or will not be able to get the joker, then have & # 39; herd immunity & # 39; will be protected.

However, in some areas such as Dovecot, Toxteth and Greenbank, two-thirds of the children received the first dose of the vaccine on their second birthday.

This increases the risk of developing unhealthy children, which can lead to amputation and deafness.

And the much larger areas of the city are behind the 95% target compared to the map, which is part of a council document.

The report, prepared by the city's director of public health, writes: iki We are currently fully vaccinated with two doses of MMR needed by 10 children on their 5th birthday in Liverpool, and we need to improve on this. vaccines throughout the city.

"Although the buying speed is generally high, there are pockets that are linked to deprivation, with low immunization intake."

The MMR vaccine was in the center of a scandal in 1998, and a revised study now suggests a link between vaccine and autism.

A map showing the areas where children have and do not have an MMR vaccine.
A map showing the areas where children have and do not have an MMR vaccine.

Although the study has been completely withdrawn, the receipt of the MMR prescription is often behind its target, and the council says that poverty levels affect how many people in a community receive the vaccine.

Last November 22nd, there was an outbreak of measles, which was linked to unvaccinated people who traveled to European countries where Liverpool was more prevalent.

Five hundred children were vaccinated in the area and no one died after this explosion.

To fully immunize against measles, mumps and rubella, children are advised to practice two exercises on their first birthday and the other before starting school.

At this time there is a catch-up program for older children who cannot get vaccines.

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