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Doesn't your iPhone X work on your device? Apple is a fix for this



A working iPhone X screen

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When iPhone X was released last year, it brought a new look and feel to Apple's headphones. The company was saved from the offered home button Ability to unlock a new Face ID in returnand used A larger and richer new screen type called OLED for the screen.

It turns out that "some" of the new screens presented in the Apple iPhone X are faulty when the screen is defective, causing the display to be intermittently or completely transformed into your immunity. Apple's website on Friday in an announcement about the faulty episode, Apple also said that you can respond even when you do not touch the screen.

If you have experienced any of these, Apple encourages you to find an authorized service provider, set up an appointment in the Apple Store, or contact technical support teams to evaluate the phone. Apple says that an iPhone X meets the requirements under the repair program, and the screen will be replaced for free.

Apple typically offers an easy way to determine whether you have a defective part, such as a serial number, but not this time. Although the company says that other iPhone models are not part of the described repair program, it did not provide further details about how many iPhones have been affected. The company did not respond to a comment on Friday night.

This is not the first time Apple has offered a repair program for iPhone. In September the company said a "very small percent"There were erroneous logic boards on iPhone 8 devices, causing them to restart unexpectedly, freeze the screen or not turn on. And the company in February," he said.small percent. iPhone 7 devices had a faulty track that caused the phone to tell people that there was no cell phone service.

The company also said it will offer an entry-level "limited edition" repair. 13 inch MacBook Pro The company is claimed to be in possession of faulty storage chips, known as SSDs, sold between June 2017 and June 2018.

In this case, Apple said that users could write their computer's serial number on a form on their website to see if they were eligible. If so, the company requires that their computers be serviced, as a bad part of users may fail and cause data loss.

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