Thursday , March 4 2021

Burnley manager Sean Dyche waits for questions about the poor Premier League form

Burnley wins just four out of 20 matches in this season

Burnley's boss, Sean Dyche, after the defeat of 2-1 home side of Newcastle's weak season "questions will be asked," he knows.

Burnley, who lost four of the six league matches in Turf Moor, is a score of more than three in the 17th.

Danny Mills, who speaks of BBC Radio 5, came in and asked if he would put pressure on fans of Dyche's Clarets.

"We have better signs but we have to get results, we know that," Dyche said.

"The mentality is solid. There is no lack of character – we can't reach the characterless place."

Burnley 's European League last year, leading the driver's license, the seventh match, the match, the entire league campaign was only 39 goals, while the defense resistance was based.

But Newcastle on Monday, the Turf Moor win shows that Dyche has scored 27 goals in only 13 games. It took until March 31st to allow many people in 2017-18.

Former Leeds defender Mills, who joined the game for BBC Radio 5 on Monday, wondered if Burnley fans would start to lose patience with Dyche if the results did not improve.

”You have to think Burnley is in trouble, Mills Mills said. Baskı That's why I ask the Burnley supporters the question: At what point is Sean Dyche under pressure?

. I'm a big fan of Sean and I have to let me be open, I don't think he should be under pressure.

"But you can't keep playing like that – pumping long balls up to two big boys in front of you.

"They need something different. They have to change their style of play."

Burnley didn't win in six games, but Dyche said he saw some positive signs as he was eaten by Newcastle.

"The team is currently getting stronger," he said. "This has work, mental toughness – we have – and flexibility.

Ik The truth is, questions will be asked, but we've done it before.

"We have rarely become a fanatical team – we have had to fight for everything we have achieved so far, and we will continue to do so.

"I think there were good things tonight, but inevitably – and I've never been so naive to think – you have results."

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