Thursday , March 4 2021

Baroness Trumpington, who has the Bletchley Park decoder, died at the age of 96

BThe son of Trumpington, a Torcy cod-crusher from Bletchley Park, known to flirt two fingers in his peerage, died at the age of 96, his son said.

After announcing the death of the former Conservative minister on Monday afternoon, Adam Barker came from the political spectrum.

Lady Trumpington leaned only from the House of Lords, which was celebrated last year as one of the most colorful characters in Parliament.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt celebrated her as a Uluslararası trailblazer, a hero, and an absolute joy Uluslararası.

Barker tweeted as "a bloody good hit": "My mother passed away in her sleep this afternoon."

Lady Trumpington spent her 37th year as a Conservative peer, and grew up as a minister and a government cracker.

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