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Australian release date, prices, pre-orders and more

After Battlefield 1 The clock is back in the Great War, with DICE returning to the root of the series with an engrossing new depiction of World War II.

Battlefield V A new single-player campaign will offer a redesigned multiplayer experience with customizable soldiers, weapons and vehicles, and will follow the footsteps of the entire game industry and present a new ve Firestorm ilebilir battle royale mode.

In the real Battlefield form, you will battle land, sea and air in historical clashes around the world – from the streets of Rotterdam to the Arctic Circle and the North African desert.

Yet the Battlefield series promises the most intense, immersive and innovative entry. We've compiled all the best deals and all the information you need when you deploy The game was released in Australia on November 20, 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


Battlefield V It is currently available for pre-ordering of participating retailers in Australia. Because players are well accustomed, there are various pre-order bonuses depending on the version of the game you purchased.

If you're a PC player, there's an opportunity to get the game. Really early. If you sign up for Origin's Access Premier subscription service ($ 19.99 per month), you can play the game from November 9th.

Standard Edition

Each standard print pre-order comes with the Enlister Offer. This includes a Firestorm ranger set, special assignment, a set of paratroopers, and immediate access to five Battlefield 1 weapons.

Pre-order in EB Games also gives you a special option Battlefield V Steelbook.

Deluxe version

The Deluxe edition includes the Enlister Offer from Standard Edition as well as: Battlefield V Base game five days early, six paratroopers, extra special missions and 20-week customization items of Airlifts.

Deluxe version pre-order, You will be able to play the game from November 15, 2018.

Advantages of BFV Deluxe

The Deluxe Edition includes early access, cosmetics and special tasks.

What to expect in Battlefield V

The most wild, immersive and large-scale battle in the game. You will feel as you pass all over your ear, and you will feel the pollution of each deadly shell by you.

Anı As you've never seen before, World War II Savaş is the game's slogan and not joking. In the game Battlefield V Feel more dreadful, realistic and challenging than ever.

And all the multiplayer and solo experiences take place in the biggest and most dynamic virtual environments in the franchise history.

Single-player Campaign

unlike Mission Call: Black Ops 4The EA decided to double the single-player offerings.

The War Stories campaign will describe the untold stories of World War II. You will play as various characters all over the world fighting and fighting against different nations.

There are five stories in total: a prologue, North, Tirailleur, No Flag and The Last Tiger. The quests will range from secret offers such as the story of a young woman resistance fighter in occupied Norway to the desperate last stand of a German tank commander in the final days of the war.

Sounds incredible and half as good as the campaign Battlefield 1I'm gonna shed some tears.


Battlefield V Comes with many new multiplayer modes and maps and allows you to play games by combining exciting ways.

In addition to fans like Conquest, Domination and Team Deathmatch, there will be Final Stand, Frontlines and Breakthrough modes.

There is also Airborne, a new type of match that parachutes a map to sabotage artillery.

But great news Battlefield VLarge Operations mode. For the Allies or the Axis, he sees you playing as a soldier in charge of attacking or defending a place.

The four in-game matches take place on multiple maps, each with different game modes. Your progress – and whether you win or not – will depend on how well you do every day.

Suppose your enemy has encountered a problem on the first day; This means that you will fall for unions and materials in two days. A raffle on the third day means working with limited ammo, low resource and respawns to lead the final battle on the fourth day.

EA's website insists that you must resist the "last man". Fight till the last breath. "

The Tides of War is a limited-time initiative that allows continuous flow of new modes, maps and tools. Battlefield V after launch.

Firestorm War Royale

Yeah, just like every game in 2018. Battlefield V There will be a battle royale mode called Firestorm. As far as you know, cadres are face to face in a battle to survive.

The EA has confirmed that the game, vehicle, weapon and massive destruction, which are synonymous with the Battlefield multiplayer experience, will go into the new battle royale mode.

BF5 battle royale

Another battle royale mode is threatening to take PUBG's market share.

The EA and DICE were strictly applied to what exactly the mode would be. However, we know that the Firestorm consists of a four-person team of 16 people and is carried out on the largest Battlefield map ever.

Instead of a storm, the battle will be taken into a ring of fire, which is slowly shrinking the battlefield, and teams will have to secure targets that provide better gear.

Unfortunately, Firestorm will not be available immediately to play the game. Battlefield V It was launched. According to a road map published by DICE, it was postponed until March 2019.

"Battlefield V A meeting for DICE as a studio – to define the return to the coming period battlefield franchise, fran he said. Upon the announcement of the game, EA DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson.

Medik But as to nostalgic about World War II, we wanted to challenge the prejudice of the period with an unexpected picture of this familiar environment.

Um Our vision Battlefield V allowing players to discover new and unexplored aspects of the conflict that shape the modern world.

D The scale and immersion level of each war is not like everything we've done before in Battlefield, and the players are on an epic journey. “

Battlefield V Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC worldwide on November 20th.

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