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An anti-vaccination advertisement was banned to assert that all vaccines could lead to the death of children.

As seen on July 2nd, Facebook's Facebook Inscription for Forced Vaccination and the Facebook report says: bu If parents of any age do not only kill your child, but this unimaginable tragedy occurs, the doctors will reject it as, Sudden Baby 2. Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Li If you're fencing about vaccination, read this story and then join our Facebook group to talk to similar minded parents. “

Stop the Forced Vaccination ad. (ASA / PA)Stop Required Vaccination ad (ASA / PA)

The manuscript also listed the image of a baby with eyes closed and his accompanying words: Ekim Owen Matthew Stokes (18 August 2017 – 25 October 2017) reads: ve He died 2 months, 48 ​​hours after 8 vaccinations. : Owen's Mother speaks. "

The mother of a young baby who has written a complaint complained to the Ad Standards Authority (ASA) saying that the ad was misleading and could not be verified and the ad could cause unnecessary distress.

The author and the Compulsory Vaccination Group, set up by Larry Cook, who advocates y natural life, ”informed the ASA of a document published by the Health Resources and Services Administration, a federal agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Claims for injury or death allegedly caused by vaccines and compensation as part of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program were filed for compensation.

Stop Immediate Vaccination, stating that the picture of the ad was a sleeping baby, parents added that they are aiming to be concerned about vaccines.

As the complaint was resolved, the ASA said that the evidence "did not indicate that all vaccines could cause death of children."

Readers will understand that the ad will represent the perspective of the Stop Mandatory Vaccine, but that they have proven that they are capable of causing death in all vaccines.

The data released by the US Health Resources and Service Administration indicated that between 1988 and 2018, a total of 12,122 claims were paid for the injuries and death alleged by vaccines and that 11,214 claims were rejected.

The ASA said: belirt Although we acknowledge that these numbers have been compensated for a number of damages in connection with the alleged injuries or deaths caused by the vaccines, we have stated that the report states that the consensus is not a responsibility and that this decision has not been determined. Whether the vaccine is causing injury or death.

Ik We also found that the report was based on injuries and death only for children in the United States and did not cover the UK where the data could be different.

”We thought the evidence didn't show that all vaccines caused the death of children.“

The ASA said: sonuçlan Since we have not shown enough evidence that all vaccines can prove to cause death of children, we have concluded that the claim does not result in the fact that any vaccines of any age at any age do not just kill your child. verified and misleading. "

The ASA said that the image of the baby and the reference to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has left readers sad and confronted with fear and distress for readers, especially parents looking for real information about risks associated with vaccines. children ".

He concluded by saying: “Since we haven't seen any evidence to prove that all vaccines can lead to children's death, we concluded that the ad could lead to fear without justification for the violation of the Code. Ş

He ruled that the ad shouldn't appear again in its current form: ölüm We've said that Stopping the Immunization won't indicate or imply that all vaccines could lead to children's death unless they show enough evidence to prove it.

”We also asked them to say that marketing communications didn't cause unfair fear or distress.“

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