Thursday , August 5 2021

Aliens: 5 Things We Learned About The Inevitable Invasion In AlienCon 2018

onelienCon may be a celebration of everything Ancient AliensHowever, on a panel packed Friday morning, the focus would be in the future. Travis Taylor, an aviation engineer and sci-fi novel, underlined her vision of how humanity could prepare for alien invasion in less than an hour. Almost everyone in the Baltimore Convention Center appears to be confident this weekend. corner.

Long story short: We'll probably all die.

But don't lose hope yet. Five things you need to know about the incoming alien invasion, how to prepare for it, and how humanity's struggle for survival might look.

1. Aliens Probably Wants To Kill Us

When foreigners arrive, a friendly E.T. Do not wait. or something mysterious like mysterious aliens inside Arrival. According to Taylor, almost certainly Independence Day scenario.

Açıkça They come and eat us, “he says clearly.

The best-case scenario sees aliens as a labor force to enslave humanity, and will use the planet for their remaining resources.

Iy I want to be a slave rather than a meal, “says Taylor.

Of course, there are many reasons aliens travel to Earth, but it is supposed to be worth it when distance and effort is needed. At least, there won't be a chance.

”We have a big galaxy,’ says Taylor, ’but at Joe we're sending regular smoke signals that say Eat!,

the alienco
"They destroyed us immediately and we have to do guerrilla warfare."

2. Going to War Suck

Using some of the best computers in early 2000, Taylor drew 150 different scenarios for the inevitable battle between humans and an alien invasion. There was only one strategy that ended with victory, and that's not nice:

Or The only way is that everyone aged 14 or over carries a gun and every woman gets pregnant, bir she says. Iz So we have to do fertility treatments. And logistics is carried out by the wounded, along with pregnant women and children. "


Worse still, humanity was beginning from a great openness. Taylor predicts that aliens will come with a drug, and even destroy most of our civilization before responding.

”We have to wipe us off almost instantly and do guerrilla warfare,“ he says. ”It will be how Afghanistan fights the Soviets,“ he said.

Of course, Afghanistan received financial aid and military training from the United States. And who will step in and help humanity? The best-case scenario can turn the Earth into a battlefield for a proxy war between rival foreign races.

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