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Agatha Christie: criminal director of the theater | phase

TThe interior of St Martin ahşaps theater in London is a sweet red with coral and ornamented wooden panels removed from the bottom. Piano music floats slightly across the auditorium. The Mousetrap of Agatha Christie: It's actually a kind of temple since 1974, since it was just a game.

The world's longest-running game was transferred here from the Ambassadors theater, which was opened on 25 November 1952, until particularly positive reviews. Now by seeing, the audience takes a deliberate role in a ritual: it is a museum work that plays with love every year, but it is framed by respect for the past and the dignity of Christie.

Surprise, perhaps, is based on a shocking real-life situation based on a surprising child abuse and death and a deep sense of fear. It spreads like a well-oiled machine. The audience, although mostly gray-haired and touristy, is not just that much – an indication of the wide popularity of the piece. Even on a weekday matinee, there are several empty seats. Next year, there is a national tour of Gwyneth Strong (playing the role of Cassandra only in Dummies and Horses), while the old warhorse is still in West War.

On shocking occasions, 50th anniversary, Lisa Barry and Matthew J Wilson starred in The Mousetrap in 2002.

The shocking case; On the 50th anniversary, Lisa Barry and Matthew J Wilson played The Mousetrap in 2002. Photo: Tristram Kenton for Guardian

Nevertheless, production is an old-fashioned pleasure and one million miles away from the BBC's approach to Christie. This Christmas, for example, John Malkovich, will play Poirot in ABC Murders, without a mustache or a Belgian accent. At the same time, running in the London County Hall, full of year-long demonstrations, far from the witnessing stage of the Prosecution, showing each sign of living, with its special setting and accent to the atmosphere-specific atmosphere. psychological reality of characters. Then there's a new, multi-eyed version of Christie's best Miss Marple novel st Mirror Crackacheld ’, adapted for the first time by Rachel Wagstaff.

Christie never doubted her interest in theater. In the 1950s, he worked hard to make a breakthrough as a playwright, who succeeded only after a long series of missteps. Um Of course, I knew that writing books was a steady, solid profession. I could invent the banners and write my books until I'm in the beak, p he wrote in his autobiography. Im The writing games seemed like they were just starting out because it wasn't my job, because I didn't have that feeling. It had To think about a game – I just had to write the game I thought it was already. Games are easier to write than books – as you can see in your mind, you're not obstructed by all the explanations of what's going on in a book that's so horribly clogged. "

A deep sense of fear… Agatha Christie.

A deep sense of fear… Agatha Christie. Photo: Popperfoto / Getty Images

He objected, in part, with his dazzling sister Madge before him in the West End, for writing plays from competition and partly because of the fact that he continued to adapt his novels in ways others did not show much interest. After the success of The Mousetrap, the Witness of Prosecutors he wrote in 1953 was his greatest achievement. He has written 29 plays and his achievements have shaped the work of women's dramatists for many years. For example, in 1982-83, 650 games were produced nationwide, including 42 of them by women – 22 of them were made by Christie. For a long time, she became the only female writer on the West End.

Existing stage productions originate from a decision by Christie's estate. Not too long ago, his games were a repertoire and stapler touring. Ard People had become accustomed to a particular Agatha Christie, tor says the author's great-grandson, now Agatha Christie Limited, CEO of James Prichard. Mad They didn't take him seriously as a writer or playwright. We felt it was possible to upgrade the standard to something more special. "

The new casting for West End production in The Mousetrap 2018-19.

The new casting for West End production in The Mousetrap 2018-19. Photo: St Martin's Theater, London

Women came to the fore to see Christie with new eyes. Just as Sarah Phelps portrayed stories on television, director Lucy Bailey gave theatricality a drummer's electric shake.

She loved childhood novels – and like a child, she says, she still loves suspension. Meydan It's a fear that something severe will happen, protecting the tension, “he explains. But he also found deeper currents to explore. Or Many Christie are about predatory relationships, “he says. He writes about deceit, betrayal, cheating men, liars. And about revenge. You can talk about it as a pure narrative, but it's like developing the work of David Lynch; it takes the narrative and then provides this entire alt text which is very inconvenient. The lower currents in Christie are also disturbing. "

In Venal Vine Vole, Christie creates one of the more complex female characters who portray most of her stories – in environments that explain the community in which they will work. ”The play is a serious excavation of the British justice system, Bail says Bailey. Ası This is also part of a strong entertainment. But this does not mean that Christie's organization, the class system, does not have a perception of the investigation of the men's club, which makes the judgments of the people. This type of class is based on prejudice and misogyny law argues that the passing of the suspect. "

John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot in the BBC adaptation of the ABC Murders.

Plot twist Po John Malkovich as Hercule Poirot in the BBC adaptation of the ABC Murders. Photo: Charlie Gray / BBC / Mammoth / Charlie Gray

To ensure that these themes revive for a contemporary audience, Bailey, with the permission of the property, has modernized some of Christie's dialogues. Or It's to honor him, show how good, fresh and relevant his parts are, “he says.

Even before going on tour next year, an even more free entry was taken to Wagstaff, which adapted Melole Still's Mirror Crack # for a production in the Salisbury Playhouse. Wagstaff, who was behind the stage versions of Sebastian Faulks 'Birdsong and Paul Gallico's Mrs. Harris' Flowers, explains, Paul We played with Jersey. Daha Farklı We repeat the murder from various perspectives of different characters. In this way, we look at the fluidity of memory. "

Like Bailey, Wagstaff has worshiped Christie since she was a kid. Adı I've always had real love for the books and television adaptations starring Joan Hickson in the role of Miss Marple or David Suchet as Poirot. Et . The little old woman who's a better detective than the best of the police. “Like why? Why isn't she getting married? What does this amazingly clever woman do in this little village? If he was around today, would he have headed the Scottish Harbor? We look at this and the feelings of loss and regret.

Şey The dream of creating an adaptation for me is that you are fully honored for what you love. Because if you don't like it, you won't do it, if you have the courage to create a whole new work of art. ”Wagstaff believes that braveness is vital to putting Christie on stage: ur You don't want viewers to know just what this is going to be.”

Just as the Prosecutor's Witness is rooted in deep questions about how we judge people, Mirror Crack takes his power from the scrutiny of sorrow. This could be lost in bright adaptations like Marina Gregg, a returning Hollywood star like the 1980s starring Elizabeth Taylor. But Wagstaff hopes to claim the humanity of the story. ”The story is about how we all are affected by the shadows from loss, and how we live with the losses that are now but disappearing.“

Elizabeth Taylor in Mirror Crack ;d's 1980 movie.

Humanity ın Elizabeth Taylor in Mirror Crack’d's 1980 film. Photo: Allstar / EMI / StudioCanal

But in the heart of the games there is another quality that explains why Christie is as popular as ever. O He needs a powerful person to make arrangements, and he's doing so well,, says Wagstaff. Iler All the characters have been damaged and have their own stories and so are the suspects. There is always a rational explanation for why this thing happened and why people behave like that.

Son I think we want to live in life, so who he likes and a satisfying end. We live in uncertain times fearing the confusion in our world. It's a way to go beyond your life and make a glorious, perfect and orderly explanation of what life is like. "

Of course, in the case of Lucy Bailey, this is one reason why the prosecution continues to serve as a Witness. Unuz One of the players said it was the best job in the world, because after a show, you walk around in the foyer and you see people smiling. It is a very joyous experience because we are in such a mess and everyone feels at this border. Open frame offers something. A society of rights and wrongs and ways forward. "

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