Sunday , March 7 2021

After the nosers, the family sparing is discharged from the young son's empty & # 39; after the £ 5000 pound

A father says that young people face eviction after their son's party has been overthrown and demolished.

46-year-old Bobby Thomson, a bash being held by his 15-year-old son Ben, said he was "completely out-of-hand" when it came to a bigger youth burden on Saturday night.

They poured blood on the walls, drilled holes in the ceiling, disassembled parts of light, painted carpets, and shredded every picture, mirror and photograph in the house in Invergowrie, Perthshire.

Bobby, 46, described the damage as line incredible and shocking ”and thinks it would cost £ 5,000 to fix it.

Each picture has been tainted by mirror and photo revelers.

He added: tahliye My landlord said I'd be released because of this. I'm sick of this mess and I want those responsible to be punished. "

Bobby, a plaster cast, was in Glasgow for a concert and knew nothing of the party until he contacted the police on Sunday.

Blood on the wall at home in Gatecrashed

There are about 40 young people.

He added: olmadı With more and more teenagers, I had reached the point where there was nothing I could do to stop them.

"They tried desperately to stop them, but they got out of control."

Bobby said I'm grounded for a month.

The police said they were called to report a disturbance, but there were a few young people left at the time of arrival, and no complaints were made to the officers.

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