Tuesday , July 27 2021

15-year-old fought as a arrested driver on suspicion of driving

one A twelve-year-old girl is fighting for her life after a group of double-decker buses assemble onto a pedestrian in Croydon.

The bus driver was arrested on suspicion of driving and was detained at the South London police station.

London Fire Department, the bus collided with a car, a one-story bus, and then hit a bus shelter by the bus stop West Croydon, he said.

According to the fire service, on the bus there were 20 people injured in "varying degrees" of 17 people.

A spokesman added that two people in the car suffer from shock.

Fifteen-year-old was seriously injured. She was treated at the scene and later taken to hospital.

The London Ambulance Service spokesman said, isi We are treating nine patients after a bus collision at Station Road in West Croydon.

”A person is seriously injured, but others are believed to be more minor injuries.,

A video broadcast on social media shows the bus from an angle that shows that it was on the road before it hit the bus station.

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