Thursday , May 19 2022

Zverev defeated Federer for the third time and became the first German after Becker in the final tournament final – Tennis



From Germany …..


Today, Sasha made her air purifier by knocking out the old freeloader and sending her worst third world racket in history to win 53.4% ​​of the victories in a season when she won matches in the 19 & # 39; This season was an excellent illustration of the essence of Roger Iderer, which was regularly coming to kick from some powerful players and despicable assholes. In February, Rokhlya violated the order of the main tennis "zachakalit do not take a 500-ton joker to the first line." The punishment was immediately followed and continued on this day. Over the past nine months, Adherer has not earned a single title, it was only about water pumps in Basel, and God has forgiven me, Stuttgart. Moreover, the Masters lost their finals, got their own match at the match, was beaten in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, won 2-0 on the set and stayed on the same rally from victory, gave himself to Milman in the USO, and most importantly – modestly returned after the injury. Novak Djokovic won all of his awards in 2017.

In general, review how they defeated Federer – Kaif. Then it will just be better. We will soon combine Basel Collapse.

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