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Zinchenko vs Lyon: Defense of Guardiola for errors, bad notes in British media and confidence in Ukrainians

Alexander Zinchenko did not play a very good match against Lyon in the Champions League. Manchester City continued to play-offs beforehand, but the Ukrainian game was clearly unaffected. Statistics from British journalists, critics of our fans and our materials.

Zinchenko was the second in the start of Manchester City for the Champions League match. Position is already familiar – when the team's ball, turn left to balance the support zone. So he played in City Guardiola's favorite crazy scheme 3-2-5.

With Alexander Shakhtar, he could bring the game to its own presence, then left for Lyon to open up for him. Ukraine's Maxwell broke Cornet's life – Ivorian stripped forward Zinchenko's brains. In the area of ​​the responsibility of the Ukrainian national team player, a regular danger arose due to the opponent's actions.

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The Unrivaled Root created the perfect moment for Alexander Depay, then the rear left side of the city was hit by a crossbarped scissor when he lost the back of his back in the penalty area. In the second half, the Lyon striker threw himself under Zinchenko, who still had not taken a luxury shot in the top nine.

Zinchenko's defense figures are not so bad: 4 interferences, 4 blows from the dangerous zone and 1 blocked strike. As a result, statistical portals were evaluated as normal. whoscored 6.7 and put sofascor to – 6.8. This result is slightly worse than average.

However, in this case, the statistics do not reflect the actual situation. Alexander failed in defensive work, only won a single fight. Old player City Richard Dunn during the halftime match IT Sport He said Guardiola's choice in favor of Zinchenko was not justified. "The city is on the move now, let's just play like they did before – Zinchenko made some confusion in the team"- says Dunn.

In the attack, although Alexander was also involved in the game (with 111 touches – in most of the team), he did not show himself. When the accuracy and number of transmissions remained at a normal level, the diagonal of the company was very small. UEFA correspondent Simon Khairt for Manchester City stressed that Zincenko's success only succeeded from time to time – waiting for more.

British media ratings and fan reaction

Daily mail Zinchenko put the worst score for two teams – 5. In the text, the publication also pointed out that Guardiola's decision to publish Alexander was seriously criticized, as Ukraine has left Maxwell Cornet a lot of freedom.

Daily mirror Zinchenko also gave 5 points – the worst among puan citizens ayrıca. Only Raheem Sterling took a lot, the rest – more. ”A rare and perfect chance to prove himself, but his team has made little impact on the game“, a popular newspaper writer.

Sky sports Didn't wait for Zinchenko with a negative score – 6 pointsAs with most City players. They were not critics of authoritarian oppression.

Manchester Evening News The worst guess is reserved for Leroy Sana (4) and Riyad Marez (5). Zinchenko had 6 points on normal – Again, the average result. "Secondly, I felt much more comfortable in the second half of Lyon, but could not cope with defense missions," the journalist said. Said. MEN.

City Watch Zinchenko with the usual average score – 6. Worse still was Riyad Marez and Leroy Sana. Ti Most Ukrainians took part in the touching team, but had little effect on the course of the meeting. At first he was doing little perepasovka, ere says the source of the profile.

Zinchenko is saving time due to another injury to Benjamin Mendi's main left back. Official sources even reported that Josep Guardiola would not sell it during the winter months. However, the Ukrainian did not use his chances against Lyon.

Fans have been subject to serious criticism of the network. The authors, who often play badly, cannot be used in the left wing of defense in such important matches and are much worse than the injured Mendi. Here are some of the most constructive and harmless examples.

Zynchenko viglyadav pogatu, tsiomu matchi.

"Hviluyusya liche for the small wing. Delf i Zіnchenko for the normal domestic champion Euro, not for Eurokubk in the third position".

"Zіnchenko, I was the one who never thought I was thinking, so that I could be nervuvati."

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