Monday , July 26 2021

You can stop Outriders in single player … if you have an Nvidia GPU


Outriders It is the newest game that does not allow players to pause while in single player mode. Typical situation familiar to players in Souls-like, action-RPG and actually any service game that is not Warframe. But the main thing is that there is a loophole where you can really pause Outriders while playing alone. As one redditor discovered, you only need to access Nvidia Ansel.

Owners of Nvidia GPUs will be familiar with GeForce Experience, the software that downloads driver updates. It also has a photo mode called Ansel where you can enter supported games by pressing Alt + F2. Outriders is this kind of supported game, and when you want to pause the game, you can finally use it to go to the toilet, open the door, release the dog, take care of your loved ones, or whatever.

Outriders is the latest game to remind us how awful single player online games are. Frequent disconnections are a big problem, but the lack of a pause button is also annoying, given that this game has no safe zones. The fact that Outriders can be paused is a bit depressing, but only if you have a certain brand of video card. Those who have AMD are getting stronger.

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