Monday , March 1 2021

Xiaomi presented a cute calculator for $ 7

Xiaomi presented a cute calculator for $ 7

In the ecosystem Xiaomi appeared a nice design calculator without sharp corners. This is a product of the MiiiW brand working with a long Chinese company.

How interesting?

The screen of the MiiiW Calculator fits 12 digits. Similar to accounting models: there is a key consisting of two zeros, supports comma substitution, general aggregation (GT) and floating point (F) functions. The first time you press the MRC button, the contents of the memory are displayed, the second is deleted. For some reason, however, the manufacturer did not think of another button to quickly calculate interest rates. The extra keys would never hurt.

A "little finger" AAA battery is inserted under the rear projection cover. The calculator extends over the table at an angle of 6 degrees for more comfortable entry. Body is made of ABS plastic, device dimensions are 140x87x20 mm, weight – 86 g.

How much is this?

In the Chinese market, MiiiW Calculator (MWSC01) can be ordered for 49 yuan, which is about $ 7. In parentheses on the product page, this is said to be the standard version of the calculator. As a result, plans can be another model.

MiiiW also produces wireless keyboard, mouse pad and sleek plastic card covers.

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