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Wife attacked "Fizruk"

Yuri Kataev was hospitalized with a stab wound.

Yuri Kataev, who played in "Fizruk", was taken to hospital with a knife. The artist hit his wife on the shoulder. Now, according to REN TV, the health of the 34-year-old is not in danger.

The fight took place in the house of a couple in the Russian capital on Malomoskovskaya street. The player called the ambulance. Now, according to doctors, nothing threatens human health, feels good, writes starhit.

Kataev doesn't comment. It is not known whether the police interfered in family quarrels.

In 2009, he graduated from Kataev VGIK. He was able to play 11 roles in movies and TV shows. In addition to the "Fizruka", the actor participated in "Kiss the Bride", "Karpov-2", "Missing", "Mushroom King", "Moscow. Three train stations" and other television projects.

The actor raises his daughter Elizabeth. She goes to school and rhythmic gymnastics.


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