Sunday , March 7 2021

Who took the place of the most expensive singer in Ukraine

Ukrainian pop artists MONATIK and Oleg Vinnyk replaced the country's most expensive singer in 2018, according to the highest paid stars.

On the eve of the New Year's holiday, as learned by OBOZREVATEL, artists will pay a 50-minute performance fee at a special event of 30 thousand euros (about 953 thousand hryvnia).

Last year, it is noteworthy that Oleg Vinnik is lagging behind his rival in this category. The fee for MONATIK has not changed since 2017, but the pop symbol has changed its mind about the money, and if the singer has already accepted the invitations to become a guest of a private company party for 30 thousand dollars, today the same 40-50 minutes with the customer will be spent. 30,000 euros.

According to the sum of the fee, the customer of the performance must also be provided to the home and technical riders, as well as the conditions required for the performance and the rest of the artists in the dressing rooms, which require a round sum. In this case, a few days before the New Year, the amount of the fee may increase.

Andrey Danilko (Verka Serdyuchka) can take second place in the list of the most expensive singers of Ukraine in 2018 with a 25 thousand-euro fee (793 thousand hryvnias). No less shocking and demands for a special concert of 20 thousand (635 thousand hryvnia).

Recently, OBOZREVATEL has been named one of the most paid singers of Ukraine. Compared to last year, the player's 45-minute performance increased to 20 thousand euros, and today it is up to 70 (2.2 million hryvnia).

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