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Usik – Belleu – Usik defeated, defeated


Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usyk retained the champions titles by defeating the British Tony Bellew. Boxers WBC, WBO, IBF, WBA super and The Ring have fought for world champion titles and titles of TBRB Line Champion.English).Russian. and the first world heavyweight boxer. The fight was spectacular and intense. Despite the tremendous advantages of the last rounds, Usik could have led to Briton with the decision of the judges. I Vesti ”collected the most interesting details of the struggle between Usik and Belleu.

Quiet Mustache, Modest Bellew

For Tony Belleu, this struggle was a great chance to compete for every conceivable title of the first heavy weight, as well as make money before retirement. Now he realizes he doesn't have the opportunity. For Usyk, the fight was very important for entering a great British market, as well as joining a great fighting show. Usyk & # 39; s previous fights on the scale of the organization are not even close to the last meeting.

Bellew tried to sell the battle for himself and Cirrus. Tony did not contain al treshtok vurgu, did not insult the Ukrainian people, and was not able to express loudly, emphasizing his respect for his opponent. This unusual behavior was due to the fact that Usyk did not speak English and only did not respond to the boxer in various events and press. In addition, Belleu understood that he had few chances, so he had already prepared the myth, according to which he lost the upper-class warrior.

Meanwhile, it was possible to sell all tickets to the Manchester Arena for 21,000 even before the start of the pre-match events. Although there was no outdoor advertising about the duel in the streets of Manchester, the fans threw all their outdoor training sessions before being rejected and were attacked in the hall where the closed press conference was held. Every day, he helped the fans of the newspaper, who had news about boxing on the front page.

Ler Usual, Simple aile: Usik's first interview after the fight – Bellew, about family, dreams and targets

Eddie Hearn, an English actress, managed to organize an elegant boxing night in Usik's career. In addition, the sub-card of confrontation with a sufficient number of British boxers proved to be very successful. The real favorite of the people was David Allen from Doncaster nearby. In addition, the public welcomed Anthony Kroll, who in the future will be competing with Ukraine's Vasily Lomachenko.

Tribunes suggested

For Bellew, the hometown of Liverpool, but the Manchester arena can also be considered home. It is clear that the boxer wanted to show himself on the best side before the audience. It would be foolish for him to sit in the assault on the first rounds, knowing that Usyk was better prepared. Perhaps Belleu wanted to do his best in the first rounds to have a chance to at least win a theoretical decision of the judges.

Usik did not rush to any place and did not force the events. A real discovery was made in the first round, and the punches could be counted on the fingers of a hand. Tony, however, insisted and did several strikes in the direction of the Ukrainians because of his round.

In the second round, Usyk tried to take control of the struggle, but he often missed counterattacks. With a slight advantage, it was clear that a more experienced boxer was getting tired faster, but Bellew scored the second round.

The third round was even more, Bellew provoked Usik to change the coup and succeeded. Barbel missed the blows and gave the tour to Bellew, although not as obvious as the previous two.

The fourth round can be called a turning point: Usik, attacked, time and time, Bellew & # 39; A few times, even a mustache hit an English man's jaw, but sometimes he did maneuvers of counterattack.

Respect – Belleu kissed Usik on forehead after defeat (PHOTOS)

He stayed behind Usik in the fifth three minutes. Bellew was very slow, her movements were smooth, she often went on to the ropes and Usyk took the blow after the coup. In the next round, Belleu was only helped with the gong's stealing. The Usik struck a few times, so the Bellew was a little out of the way.

However, Bellew rested and took the seventh round. Acting in a passive manner, Usik attacked the position, allowing defensive defenses.

Apparently Usyk took a breath to strike a decisive blow. In the middle of the segment, he punched Bellew Usik, lost his concentration, stopped and then two more Alexander could not stop his strike. After that, Bellew fell on the ropes and the referee stopped the fight.

The boxers then embraced and the referee declared the victory of Ukraine.

Interestingly, after the 7th round, Alexander Usik lost to Tony Belle according to two of the three judges. Mexican Alejandro Lopez (68:65) and Briton Steve Gray (67:66) opted for the ring holder and Russian Yuri Koptsev drew (67:67).

"It's not hard to start fighting."

Alexander Usik after winning

Im I followed the layout the coach gave me before the fight. It was hard to restrain myself and start fighting. The concentration in the first round was the task of the corner. I was told in the corner that I had to concentrate to see what I did every round. And he was a dangerous boy, he chose me a few times, Belleu thanked me and I did it. He is a strong boxer, a strong father … I want to box with such men, not with speakers. . I don't think, orum Usyk said.

Usyk also refused to say that this fight was the last of her for the most part. "You can't hurry the words, you need to get close to everything professionally. Now I'm just worried about the rest, this year is very hard and successful," he said as a boxer.

Immediately after the historic battle: Usyk returned to fans – what he said (VIDEO)

Also, the Ukrainian warrior did not pass with the religious theme. "Every day I ask you to give humility from Allah Almighty in prayer. Whatever I do, I cannot say how great I am. What is the most common, what is humility? You want Allah to send a man who insults you. And you have to forgive him, said Alexander.

"You won't see me anymore."

After being eaten by Tony Bellew mustache He recognized the absolute superiority of the opponent.

Ğ I lost to the best boxer I've ever met. He fell out of my trap a few times, but it seems to me that I didn't think I was boxing with him. His legs are the best. Unbelievable. maybe I didn't stop taking this battle, which is the best heavy boxer, because I couldn't live if I refused, I was surprised that he missed it. In the end everything landed on his legs. So when I tried to cut him off, I could not do it – he went on "- said the British.

Tony also said that for the first time in his long career, he got tired and finished his career on a professional level.

"Some of them think I've failed. Some of them were boxing at the highest level. The other part wasn't important to me. I've been boxing for 20 years. I've always wanted to prove that people are wrong. I wasn't successful today. I'm tired for the first time. great, I'm his fan, I told him I was a fan before the fight, I'm a fan of his, just want to get lost, leave me alone … the future just want to be a normal person, I want to live a normal life, that's all. "- said Belle.

Bellew puts an end to his career after losing Usyk

Joshua and Ward – Perspective

Matchroom Boxing's head of advertising, Eddie Hearn, explained the possible dates of the struggle between Alexander Usik and Anthony Joshua.

"At the end of 2019, Joshua and Usik will meet. We want to fight for the championship. I think Joshua will not return to the ring before April. Probably, his team will want to fight twice in 2019. Tony, and I agree with him. Not ready for Joshua .The technically good, but not in terms of weight. The German will increase, he needs to add. The mustache team are smart guys, so they will do 2 heavy fights before going to Joshua, "said Hirn.

He also believes that Briton Dillian White may be a good opponent for Alexander in the new weight category.

. He needs the men to go into his mustache boxes, so the fight must have ended very well. The first four rounds – I haven't seen in a long time. Who would have been in a good fight? a better defends against ", – he said.

Alexander Krasyuk, the organizer of Usik, explained the boxer's next plans.

& We are planning two battles in 2019. No decision has been taken yet, yet no decision has been taken. But what do we do? It is then heavy. Perhaps Andre Ward will be a new rival. If he renews his career and turns to turnover, then we can think. Denis Lebedev? No, that's not an option for us. Mandatory defenses? Look, Alexander is a super champion in many versions, and this isn't 12 months, 18-24. He declared Kryuk.

According to Vesti, the absolute world heavyweight champion Alexander Usik defeated Briton Tony Bellew in Manchester. Ukrainian knocked the British side in the eighth round. Bellew kissed Usik on the forehead after the defeat.

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