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The girl who was abused by a national police officer disappeared

A serious scandal flared around his family last night in deputy chairman of the Ukrainian National Police Deputy Alexander Varchenko in social networks. KPI student Natalya Bureiko accused her of sexual harassment and threats and screened her correspondence. She urged the senior civil servant not to let the people cross because she did not know what to do and was afraid of her life.

And this morning she disappeared. No contact with him.

Im In the last few weeks my life has gone to hell. All of these are a kind of surrealism and either remind you of an unsuccessful rally or a horror movie. Everything started with a random svayp in Tinder and humble communication in the evenings. I met him, Alexander. At first, a brave man and gentleman appeared, filled with compliments and sent postcards, bragged about his connections and his position in the community. He then began to insist on aggressive and aggressive ways of rapprochement which he had promised. After further refusal of communication and refusing, Alexander began to write insults and began to threaten me against violence, I wrote that I was nobody, I was nobody, I could do anything that would bring me everything. It was like threats from an uncomfortable person on the Internet, but it didn't stop. Alexander did not calm down. Somehow I've learned all about me. The addresses of my relatives and phone numbers began to threaten SMS and communicate and threaten physical violence. And yesterday they sent me flowers and cut off the claws of the birds. Alexander wrote that he was.

After blocking in Tinder, I started to receive messages from unknown numbers in Viber and Telegram. I blocked all these numbers, but threatening messages started coming to my relatives, acquaintances … Alexander found me on social networks and recognized the phone numbers of these people. I guess it wasn't hard for her to think who she was. This person's name is Alexander Varchenko. His full writing is called: "Deputy Head of the Department of National Police Service of Ukraine." I'm vulnerable right now, and I don't know who to contact. I do not know what to do. I understand the uselessness of addressing the police, considering his position and the connections he has made. My family and I are under threat. Please help, onun the student wrote on his page.

"I was punished and threatened by harassment" – National Police officer entered a scandal with the student

In the screenshots presented, a certain alacak Alexander ona writes that Natalya was drunk because she wanted sex, because she was going to buy her a house and rest in the best restaurants. The girl's failure must be insufficient response and threat. Natalia also photographed a bundle with chicken legs and flowers.

Almost immediately, the comments from Natalia came to the bots, which were fake and started to write that Natalia was lying. Interestingly, most of the bots on trial with profiles and names come from Latin America.

"You should not have. You don't understand where it is. Normally I'm going to get out or talk in a different way, the creature yarat – according to the girl, he received such threats in response to his broadcast.

Alexander Varchenko is really working as a senior official in the former UBEP. And his wife, Olga Varchenko, is the First Vice President of the State Investigation Bureau.

Meanwhile, social network users were furious with this behavior of the authority. And at night, he himself, on his page, made the situation clear and called it provocation.

"On November 7, my family and I had a terrible information attack. I'll comment on important points."

Iler I, Alexander Varchenko, have never had a messenger with Natalia Bureiko, and they have never responded. I do not exclude that hackers have created an account using my photos and that Natalia Bureiko and this provocative correspondence were made by him. I think that this informational attack is linked to the fact that my common law wife, Olga Varchenko, was the first vice president of the State Investigation Bureau, and for many it was a bone in the throat. It has recently announced publicly about the provocations and dirty media attacks. I think it's just the beginning. I am ready to give a full testimony to the law enforcement agencies about the reality of this provocation. I love my family and I will not let anyone use my name for provocations, orum wrote Varchenko.

He was supported by his colleague and advisor, Mr. Anton Gerashchenko, Minister of the Interior.

Tavuk A few hours ago, her student, Natalia Bureyko, who learned that a high-ranking official by the National Police official, Alexander Varchenko, was threatening a young girl, began to spread through social networks. Natalia Bureiko is a real person, a student of KPI, she arrived in Kyiv from the town of Chaplynka in Kherson and worked in a modeling agency. He is an employee of the Department of Economic Protection of the Police, married to Olga Varchenko, the deputy head of the State Research Office, who has a 12-year-old son, dır explains Geraschenko Varchenko.

Asyon Apparently, both Alexander Varchenko and Natalya Bureiko and the users of the social network were the victims of a well thought out and cynical provocation. Using public photos of Alexander Varchenko, hackers opened an account in a socially familiar network. Then correspondence started with potential victim – young beautiful student Natalia Bureyko Correspondence started with traditional flirts, but the directors of this provocation emphasized that Natalia threatened for A. Varchenko and served as an officer of the forces. The girls can deal with the girl using her official position. As a result, Natalia brought despair and made a public statement that she was threatened by Garda Siochana. "- People's deputies.

Gerashchenko collided with a bat in front of the ether (VIDEO)

The purpose of the provocation is clear:

1. Dismiss the Varchenko family, to consider how important the sender was by Olga, the wife of Alexander. As, – DBR first deputy husband – insufficient and sexual maniac.

2. To excite another wave of hate against National Police in society. How did you do this? Who's the police officer?

"People who use social networking networks know that, as a rule, no one records their accounts with their names for privacy. It's not hard to take a picture of anyone who reads this post, it's a social network, and then it starts flirting first and then threatens on your behalf." Prior to the election year and the struggle for power, there is so much information provocation ahead of us. prov On the contrary, the police will do everything possible to find the attackers who interviewed this dirty, cynical provocation, kork Anton Gerashchenko said.

Maksakova responded to threats and ultimatums to leave Ukraine

However, users do not believe in the police.

Üyor While we were all sleeping, the only honest police officer in the country from the majestic department of economic protection wrote the second position in life, which of course says that this has nothing to do with it and that it's hacker. The story is not as simple as it seems at first glance. There, even a few bot shows in the comments. Not much of primitive custom. Very suspicious activities from non-bot. Look at the chart. I, like most of you, know a few stories in the uniform about Ukrainians, and most of them are ridiculous thousands of times more than just trying to ask students under my open profile. Because I suppose I'm just a fake. Although it is difficult to say the opposite without any real. Personally, in this story, I'm still afraid of the fact that they can't find a girl. And the truth – that's for sure. And, of course, it is surprising that the face-to-face personality on this subject is easily otkuchuyutsya. In any case, it is no longer possible to control and everyone can participate in the process.

The question is what will happen when you find it and what story to tell us ”how things are all about Soru. And I doubt that we will find the facts in person, ip said a blogger known for his co-author and a publication owner on the crypto coins Arthur Orujaliyev.

The public now has two versions – or someone intentionally set up Alexander Varchenko, because it is not difficult to download a photo from social networks and record a fictional profile. Or the story is true, and the police are now trying in any way to silence the issue and protect their employees.

"Vesti" contacted Natalia yesterday – she said she had a lot of support from her girlfriends, acquaintances, journalists, and foreigners alone, and that she did not have time to respond physically to anyone. A personal interview was scheduled for this morning. However, at 10.30 in the morning, they had not contacted.

In comments, he is worried about Natalia's friends and acquaintances. De Vesti bulmak hopes the girl is good, for some reason she can't get in touch, or where the police are helping with the investigation to find out who actually threatened her. We will monitor the situation and wait for Natalia to contact.

Previously, "Vesti" reported Activists with flares came to the National Police because of Gandhi's cause. It was also recently known Avakov's son bought an apartment in Pechersk's skyscraper with a swimming pool on the roof.

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