Monday , May 16 2022

The founding partner of Apple's Android capabilities: It's not innovation.


Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, told an interview with CNBC about the company and its attitude towards its development.

According to Life, according to Day.Az, all businessmen, first of all, said the company's founder of Steve Jobs would be happy with today's Apple.

– I think it will be happy when you see today's company because of the interest of users and the desire to put people on technology. Steve always did. People should be more important than technology. ”You shouldn't be a victim of them and what you can do,“ the entrepreneur says.

Wozniak also praised Apple's competitors in the smartphone market. He still sees Cupertino as a leader. According to him, Apple, unlike Android manufacturers, is really doing innovation.

As an example, Wozniak showed the recognition of a smile, the smartphone automatically takes pictures when the user smiles. The entrepreneur concluded, "This is not only an interesting function, but an innovation."

– Every other company had to copy Apple. Apple was the first to introduce an affordable payment system (Apple Pay). Do not open the phone, unlock it, do not find the application you want, do not enter the credit card's PIN code. Wozniak says, just open your phone and put your finger to identify itself.

In the same interview, Apple's founding partner praised unmanned cars. Business man doesn't believe them. In his opinion, the autopilot in the car can only partially unload the driver – for example, in the event of an accident, self parking or braking.

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