Saturday , July 31 2021

The accident with the people's deputy Leshchenko: there were new data about the victim

Sergey Leshchenko, deputy of Sergey Leshchenko from BPP, said that his assistant assistant, Marina Bardinu, was discharged from the hospital at the time of the accident in Kiev.

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Leshchenko said the victim was without a victim and without injury. His assistant was admitted to the hospital for examination, but everything was good for her and she was already discharged from the medical establishment.

However, the deputy also wrote about his automobile Volkswagen, which, according to him, is no longer subject to repair. He said the car was completely broken.

Uk My friends, maybe on Friday we heard that we had an accident with my assistant, Marina. Fortunately, there were no injuries and even injuries. Marina was discharged after being examined by a doctor. Golf course (Volkswagen Golf, – Ed.) Trash and I don't know whether to restore it. But all this is just an iron that costs the cost of life or health. Who is guilty, will set up a court, and for all participants – and for me – this story Take good care of yourself and your favorite people and don't waste your life with trivia, anger and fights, "Leshchenko wrote.

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