Thursday , August 5 2021

Sophia Tomalla banned Loboda's daughter from visiting.

The model reconstructed Tomalla's relationship with Lindemann and wrote it to the network. After the Russian singer learned about the news that Svetlana Loboda had children, he forbade him to visit his daughter on the social network.

In July of this year, Sophia Tomalla was known to meet again with Rammstein front Tillem Lindemann. Till & # 39; s photo on his arm as a tattoo completed Instagram Instagram page published a photo. A month later, Svetlana Loboda had a daughter for the second time became a mother.

Loboda did not explain his father's biological father and even went to Los Angeles to give birth. Loboda fans still know who the boy's father is, and then completely stopped hiding. Looks like Lindemann's been shocked to learn the birth of Loboda. The artist, together with Lindemann, said his daughter was looking for the right one.

Here is the façade of the legendary German group – Till now "between the two fever", because the closeness of his turn with Loboda is the children of his daily proclivity. He had already met with Sofia at the time, and realized too late that his daughter was Svetlana. It was no secret that the relationship between Tomalla and Lindemann had evolved since 2011, and even married her, but never happened. They were always separated, met, and everything was repeated over and over again.

Netizens said Sophia Tomalla banned Till to communicate with Loboda's daughter. When Svetlana was diagnosed with acute renal failure, she secretly visited the boy's mother in the hospital. Sophia decided to leave her, after learning about her – she even wiped out even the common pictures on her social network.

This model exposed the 55-year-old vocalist to Rammstein or with the child to Loboda. Shortly before the interview, the model said that even if Till and Till were separated, they would still love her and would just leave her alone. Looks like it's happening.

When the relationship between the Russian singer Svetlana Loboda and Tillem, Tomalla was on the way, the users could be sure. Most of the Loboda supporters are angry at the fact that if Till continues to yap blackmail ”her daughter, she will grow without her father.

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