Saturday , October 23 2021

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Busty actress flashes with other lovers

Anna Semenovich Don't get tired to provoke your fans. This time, she deviated from the lesson and didn't show an appetizing bust, because these guys had gone mad for a long time, and the body parts that were less noticeable and were completely naked.

The singer has published a very bold photo on Instagram. She is portrayed lying in an erotic pose on a sofa with a black lace dress and naked buttocks.

And talked about the level of intelligence under the beauty of the picture. He said Merlin Monroe had an IQ of 138 and that Genius stopped at 140 points and Einstein IQ was estimated at 150 points.

And he explained: "This is the fact that Merlin is not only very beautiful, but also intelligent." After that, he went on a long discussion. He asked first if men in our world would realize that "a beautiful woman can be smart".

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Then he returned to the more powerful sex representatives: “Do you like smart women, or do you prefer stupid beauties? Or do women have to hide their minds behind the applause of the persecutors? Yanıt And, while calling them to answer in the comments, they promised to continue the conversation in Stor.

Fans responded not only to men, but to live. A heated argument emerged, which drowned with enthusiasm about Anna's attractiveness ("Beautiful Woman", "Charming", "Chic", "Semenovich's ass, but fire. Cool!", Etc.).

Orum Of course, it's better for a girl to be beautiful, smart and knowledgeable bir, eki Yes, men love smart women, they're not smarter than themselves sev, ler She's nice and smart, but I think a woman should hide behind her lashes behind her catfish. Moments of life. "I think you should not hide in any way", "Smart and beautiful", "Young people like men." 16 – 18 years. All the older people are older "," Meet a baby A lush figure, but an empty head is already bothering after several meetings, "" What are these poses, what are the cowards? Isn't it a fear? Im What is there to show how the ass is on the couch?,, Im When we look at Opu, the brain never thinks! U, they just shared their ideas.

The others don't care. They did not hesitate to discuss what Semenovich looked like and noted: getiril I know something about Semyonovna, the back hemispheres are higher than the combination of Einstein and Merlin Monroe, şunlar med Why show me your ass? In, & Oh-eh, Anna. Whether it's easy with photos, men are not iron "," Norm ass "," At a glance of such a photo, lean toward one without unintentionally thoughts, "Strange font! A discussion about naked, mind, upset, "A good butt yes, and mind, what to take, not look at it, not to tear it apart," "Front view is better. Merlin Monroe is not comparable with Anna".

When subscribers wrote comments, the player gave one more gift. "Favorite, you're in the mood for funny songs, tomorrow's long-awaited friday," he wrote a few hours before the video he wrote.

Everyone was happy. S When you love you! ”, In Anna, you are so beautiful! Always stay in the same cheerful and kind spirit!,, Ruh You are our Anya, your good mood, your songs are super, ne aroused admiration.

Able knows how to "illuminate", there is nothing to say …

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