Saturday , June 25 2022

Scientists have been able to find out how heavy the world is.


It revealed that the new census method gave the same results as traditional methods.

Spanish scientists were able to measure the mass of the Earth by analyzing the behavior of neutrino particles at the IceCube station in Antarctica. This is stated in an article published in Nature Physics.

Previously, data from the gravitational field of the Earth and the readings of the seismic detectors were used to calculate the mass and density of our planet. But this time, scientists decided to measure the amount of neutrinos passing through the world.

Neutrino is a particle that can take the form of a tau particle as well as its resting mass and electric charge, as well as electron and muon forms while in motion. Neutrinos rarely interact with other particles and can pass through the most dense objects.

The structure of the Neutrino has not been studied extensively; To this end, an IceCube station was built under the ice of Antarctica. There, scientists record these particles in the hope of acquiring information about themselves.

As a result of the experiments, scientists obtained the number of 5.972х10 * 24 kg. It is the same when calculating the mass of the world by the traditional method. It also turned out that the core of the planet was slightly more than the accepted value.

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