Monday , March 1 2021

Real lovers: Lorak excites his photography network with popular Russian singer Sergey Lazarev – the latest news from the show business

Ani Lorak, a Ukrainian singer living and working in Russia, excited the network with a new photo. On, poses with Russian singer Sergei Lazarev.

In the picture he shares on the artist's Instagram page, he stands next to Lazarev and gently wraps at him.

! They say friendship doesn't happen in the show business, but I'm telling you it is! I keep our promise in a photograph with my dear friend, at your request. Söz

Netizens said there were probably no friendships connecting artists alone.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Ani Lorak was honored with another prestigious Russian award for a song about the separation in the Kremlin. Fans found hidden results in the performances of the artist. Fans of the network said the composition was a prophet and that he understood that Ani's family had problems.

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