Tuesday , August 9 2022

Popular 45-year-old model showed her slim body: photos – showbiz news


Popular model and presenter Heidi Klum was exposed to the creative experiment of photographer Russell James, his longtime friend. The star released a photo of him being captured completely naked.

A brave photo was rightly appreciated by subscribers: in just one day, snaps received 250,000 acclaim and received hundreds of free comments on Instagram.

The model stated that he was satisfied with this bold experiment.

Earlier, a 44-year-old Kate Moss model appeared in the network and played with her boyfriend in the south of France. The Paparazzi filmed on a yacht in the old model Saint Tropez. The celebrity was wearing a separate bathing suit.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, the super model Heidi Klum released a photo-free and rugged photo. The German model surprised the subscribers of the photo, because you can see it on your breasts.

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