Friday , January 22 2021

"Now you will fall": Galkin gave the famous secret of Pugacheva: The Life of the Diva

TV presenter announces family and financial secrets

Maxim Galkin pleased his fans: In the interview with Vasily Vakulenko, the artist, better known as the rapper Basta, answered the most acute questions without hesitation.

The life of the most famous Russian star family does not stop attracting and surprising citizens. Maxim didn't hide anything: neither the size of her husband's pension, nor what she really got to do with it. Particularly shocking was the information about Prima Donna's pension.

In Now you will fall. Two thousand rubles. Two thousand rubles, yanıt said Galkin, in a patriarchal manner in response to a question from Basta.

The artist said he had been looking for the amount of the pension he had 10 years ago. At the same time, his colleague Valery Leontyev had 5 times more pensions – 10 thousand rubles.

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Tasar For his design as a ballet, “Maxim explained. However, Galkin said that he was not worried about Alla Borisovna because of the size of his pension as he was a working family worker.

Asked whether Galkin could capture a 70-year-old wife for her capture, the television host responded with humor. According to the artist, dear Alla's health is very good, so her husband may remain the same when he was 70 years old.

"I hope that I now have a wife I have now," the artist confessed.

Galkin, together with Prima donna lived together for 17 years and during this time, the age difference accustomed to the joke reminded.

"I've heard everything over and over and over and over, I don't like elders, I love a person … I've fallen in love with Alla, I don't care how old she is. I don't like her since, but she's so" – Obviously Maxim.

He did not understand the meaning of these questions, he added. In addition, according to Galkina, his wife is much younger in his soul and often Galkin is a retiree and says that he is young in his heart.

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