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Natalia Mogilevskaya wants to be a teacher – social network reaction


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”Pedagogy, the psychology of children of different ages, even neuro-management in my plans,“ said the artist.

Ukrainian singer Natalya Mogilevskaya, who was recently appointed a clip to the musician Kuzma Scriabin & Personal Jesus, who died recently, told her fans about her saintful dreams. In the television series ti Snidanok z 1 + 1 karar, the actress admitted that she had decided to receive a new education on Instagram.

According to the singer, getting a teacher diploma and working with children will contribute to the development history of the country.

"I'm learning to teach children. Pedagogy, the psychology of children of different ages, and even my neuro-management in my plans.


Pedagogy is always his profession, he said.

"In the end, when I gave myself a new job, I decided to raise my knowledge to a professional level with all of my character's endeavors," he said.

Mogilevskaya reminded his subscribers that Kuzma Scriabin had once inspired her to create a video blog with clarity and simplicity.

"I'd like to start chatting with you and post our communication on the YouTube channel. If we see that we're interested in such communication, we'll be happy to talk to you about any questions you may have." You want to open it, – Star promised.

Mogilev also asked his fans to send the subject – exactly what they wanted to hear.


In comments to the message, fans of Mogilev admire his energy and do not & bless Mesaj with the intention of attending pedagogy:

In Natalia, you're a good person. As a teacher, I am ready to entrust my daughter to you öğretmen;

”Well done, the main thing is not to go to politics“;

"Natasha! I admire your effort and simplicity! When I find this difficult, for some reason I remember you! Bunu

"An excellent solution, interesting to learn new things, especially as the soul asks! Dare, I only wish success" …


Previously, Natalia Mogilev was reported to have expressed the; problem of the modern world Daha.

We also wrote that Mogilev has decided to conduct a special poll among the fans because of a dispute with a friend.

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