Thursday , August 5 2021

Motor Handball Club draws 30:30 with French Nantes in Champions League

The champion of Ukraine "Zaporizhzhya" champion continues to perform in the group tournament of the Champions League elite division. In the seventh round, Nikolay Stepants' wards received Nantes's best French team.

The teams played a spectacular and effective match. The majority of the matches were in the Kazakhs (sometimes the advantages reached three goals), but eventually lost victory at the end of the meeting. The last siren was shot on November 30th, which enabled the “Motor da to score third in the current group tournament. Nikolay Stepants' main rivals reached 1/8 finals, Slovenia's “Celje“ and Croatia's Slovenya Zagreb leri, four and five, respectively.

The most efficient player in our team scored nine goals and scored five goals (noting that the team's top scorer didn't get a single credit score in the Champions League). Counting 8 goals turned out to be Nicolas Turna.

On the next round on November 18, the teams will meet again only at the French club.

Earlier, "FACTS" reported that the best handball club in Ukraine suffered an offensive defeat in the Champions League.

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