In the show with the rapper Basta, humor also spoke about his personal life before meeting with Alla.

A new version of the show "Gazlve" with Maxim Galkin on the Gazglider channel was released. Basta, the owner of the show, asked the guest questions sent by the user. Among them was the traditional question: "Why Alla?"

Galkin accepted this issue calmly. Un Questions about age, jokes about the fact that I like the elderly – I've been living with it for many years. I don't like old people. I love a person. I fell in love with him when I was 25, and he was 52. I fell in love with Alla, I don't care how old she is! I don't like her for her age. We're fine together. We had everything beautiful between the two people who loved each other. And our children were there – the children just seemed in love, ım Maxim replied.

The entertainer stressed that the issue was far from that Alla Pugachev was older than her: & I had very dear daughters before I was 25 years old. I can't say I'm a revile … They were all the same age and I felt good with them. But when I saw Alla … "

In many "inner moments", Galkin said Diva was younger than him. “I am all about boredom. Always retired and said I was an old man and young. "

Another question from the user is as follows: mekte When are you going to try to catch your young wife when you are 70? U Maxim said that Alla Borisovna was healthy and that the author of the problem would not interrupt the option that was in progress with Pugacheva. The showman sums up: “I hope I always have a wife.

Earlier, the editors of spoke about the video of Maxim. Here his son showed how Harry learned how to learn French in a fun way.
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