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Martial law will not affect the lives of inhabitants of Donbass – said Naev

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In general, the people of the country to react to the situation and gossip with no call to fake

Sergey Naev. Photo: D. Pavlov /

Sergey Naev. Photo: D. Pavlov / "Today"

Introduction of martial law in Ukraine Luhansk and Donetsk will not affect the lives of the inhabitants of the region, because this region has been living in a inin special regime ı over the years. This is stated in Lieutenant General Sergey Naev's appeal in Donbass, the United States commander.

”Since Donetsk and Luhansk regions have lived in this mode for the last few years, I think it will not actually affect the lives of the civilian population,“ he said.– said.

According to him, most of the activities to be carried out under martial law are related to military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other security institutions. At the same time, the Combined Forces will continue to resist the attackers and the martial law regime by means of the relevant military authorities, local government bodies and local authorities.

Altında In a regular mode, businesses and institutions, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, social facilities, KPVV, etc. It works and works. Do not collect and distribute fake and gossip, do not rely solely on official sources of information.– He declared Naev.

At the same time, military experts commented on the comments made on the "Today" site. The main advantages and challenges of the Ukrainian army in martial law. The introduction of a special regime is a tactically correct decision as to whether the Ukrainian Armed Forces' unit is ready for war to improve its defense in the south and east of the country.

We wrote post office, transportation, banks in martial law. The railway has already passed the private fashion and the ATMs are full of cash. Mobile operators, their official resources about the work they are expected to change the martial law and wanted to worry about the subscribers.

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