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Martial law in Kharkov: what does it mean and how will life change?

Yesterday, November 26, 2018, the Verkhovna Rada approved the presidential decision on martial law in some parts of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Sumi, Chernihiv, Kherson and Azov-Kerch water inland waters. During the ratification of the Martial Law, Petro Poroshenko announced the amendments made in his decision – softened the conditions.

Vgorode understood how martial law would affect the lives of Kharkiv citizens.

30 days instead of 60

For 30 days (and not 60, as previously stated) martial law will begin on November 28th at 9:00. However, if the situation in the Sea of ​​Azov becomes normal, it can be canceled at any time, said Alexander Turchinov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

At the same time the presidential elections will also be held – March 31, 2019. MPs for this date also voted yesterday.

How will Martial Law affect Kharkov's life?

Poroshenko's statement The adoption of the Decree on the promotion of martial law in Ukraine. Video: ICTV Facts

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that all the options introduced by the Law on the Regime of the Law on Martial Law include only those related to the various military activities in which a military operation occurred. It will allow us to respond more quickly, to mobilize all resources as quickly as possible. "

The rights and freedoms of citizens shall be limited only if the attacks by the Russian Federation increase. For now, martial law was only about the army.

"In the resolution, I would like to point out that I have not given any measures to limit the rights and freedoms of citizens, the limitation of censorship and the like. I hope that both politicians and the media will act responsibly and adequately against the current situation and to the President of Ukraine, full or partial it does not plan to resort to mobilization – this opportunity remains open only if Russia goes further.

Which rights can be restricted

During the EaP regime, military and civilian authorities are given greater authority.

Restrictions on the constitutional rights provided by law:

– inviolability of the house;

– secret of correspondence, telephone conversations;

– Restrictions on the collection of confidential information;

– freedom of movement and the right to leave Ukraine;

– freedom of speech;

– the right to participate in elections;

– the right to peaceful assembly;

– the right to private property;

– The right to legal business activity;

– the right to freely chosen labor;

– right to strike;

– Education right.

We emphasize once again: all restrictions provided by law may not apply. At this stage, the restriction of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens is not discussed. Tarafından All the options offered by the Law on the Legal Status of the Martial Law on the Adoption of the Martial Law have included only those involved in various military activities – we should now strengthen security. In case of an invasion, we will be able to respond faster. As soon as possible to mobilize all resources, the men from the first wave of the reserve, who already have war experience, are ready to mobilize even backpacks and resources – human, armed and financial. Poroshenko said.

What to do

Kharkiv began to receive mobilization reports. That's fake

Kharkiv began to receive mobilization reports. That's fake

Do not panic and continue working / working. Full mobilization rumors – fake. During the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council, the president said that his decision to issue a martial law order "would not provide immediate mobilization, but a proper study would be carried out with the first line reserve".

The reserves of the first phase are the command and control bodies, the military units, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations, armed forces and other military formations.

Today, the press service of HOGA promises to make a statement about the characteristics of martial law in Kharkov. Vgorode will report this as an attachment.

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