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Lviv Desna. Goals video and review of the FAVBET League round 12 10/27/2019

15:56, 27 October 2019

Chernihiv returned to victory

Lviv to Desna

Lviv to Desna

Photo :: Desna Official Website

In the final round, Desna was interrupted by nearly a month of unbeaten run and defeated at Dawn 2: 1. Today the guards of Ryabokonya scored an outside goal – FC Lviv managed to score two points without scoring a single goal in the last two games.

Chernihiv team started today's match, scoring two goals in the first nine minutes of the opponent. And before the break, the score was completely devastating – 0: 3. Filming effective at his own expense was recorded by Denis Favorov, Khlebas and Degtyarev.

In the second half of the meeting, the opponent continued beating. 46 minutes into the match, Khlebas had scored twice and scored for Lviv-Arena.

In the middle of tomorrow, Pernambuco scored a prestigious goal – 1: 4. The meeting was not enough for more hosts, and it is difficult to imagine which problems such a crisis could have experienced, one of the most successful periods of FC Lviv Desne. In the meantime, after their victory over the Mazyar wards, they squeezed Dynamo, the second-place champion of Ukraine. Lviv, in turn, is below the ranking.

Lviv – Desna 1: 4

Goals: Pernambuco, 60 – D, Favorov, 2 (from the penalty spot), Bread, 9, 46, Degtyarev, 41

Lions: Sarnavsky – Potter, Borzenko, Bratkov, Nasonov – Priymak, Kvasny (Bogunov, 46) – Pernambuco, Alvaro (Velves, 89), Shina (Zubkov, 61) – Renan

gum: History – Hemp, Gitchenko, Imerekov, Trap – D. Favorov, Ogir (Ermakov, 87) – Kalitvintsev (Former, 78), A. Favorov, Bread – Degtyarev (Kartushov, 68)

warnings: Alvaro, Renan, Bogunov – Hemp, Kartushov

removal: Renan, 80 (repeated warning)

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