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Relatively recently, the Ukrainian football community was excited about the news of Roman Zozul. Because of the fault of the representative, not only did Ukrainian football stay on the edge of club football, but also became the hero of various publications (not only in Ukraine, but also internationally), which broadcasts – it was not always full of positive notes. Later, thanks to his decisive stance on the war in Donbas, even the top political officials of Ukraine openly supported Rome. In the absence of time for the club level Zozuli, the trainer staff of the national team also supported the participation of Roma in training and team matches.

However, Andrey Shevchenko was very criticized and reminded that the Ukrainian team is a team that reflects the level of development of national football and does not act as a charitable organization. Who knows what this story ends with, if so – a story – the novel itself did not pause. Zozulya suspended the national team's performances by stopping all manipulations. The public's anger subsided and the national team trainers focused on working with the definition of the strongest.

Andrey Lunin (Ukraine)

Andrei Lunin did not intervene before, but found a difficult situation in terms of the distribution of game time. In the current season, he spent only 95 minutes in direct competitive mode – a trophy match against ”Rayo Vallecano bir and five minutes with“ Girona karşı in the La Liga match (plus he was compensated for the main period). These tears vividly reflect the level of insecurity of the "Leganes" coach in Lunin. Even when I had to choose between Cuellar and Lunin not fully prepared in terms of functional status, Pellegrino preferred the first.

Although Pepinros has reached an agreement on a one-year lease with the first Real Madrid, there is already a talk that Lunin may leave Leganesa camp during the winter. But this was the ord real m situation – during the season, at least fifteen games in La Liga had to save the goalkeeper, who had paid around nine million euros from the stagnation of Madrid. However, in this case, Pelhegrino silently yells: "wrong attack". The coach artificially (according to his opinion) refuses to involve players in the goalkeeper's position and the Leganes administration is ready to pay some compensation in order not to meet the terms of the rental agreement to register for the elites. Because Pulegrino is safe and no one decides to put pressure on him for the choice of the main team.

Andrey Lunin (Ukraine)

Therefore, there were rumors about the early termination of the tenancy agreement for the initiative of the söyl Truth Bu. Such a development would probably be taken over by Leganes, who would not have to pay Lunin to compensate for the stagnation. Even if this option matches Lunin, Luno's patrol in Rayo Vallecano will be beneficial to three clubs. Nonetheless, the club, which is actively interested and proves its ground at the cost of potential winter transfers, is separated by the presence of a strong ılıy left “fan, a tool for the protests that are constantly expressed in the hands of these people. And, in fact, the southern-eastern slopes of Madrid, where Rayo Vallecano is based, will not affect a beautiful corner of Spain, but it will affect everyday life.

But this is an issue for another conversation. Now, it is worth returning to the first chords of the material that we mentioned in Roman Zozulu. How will the coaching staff of Andriy Shevchenko act in this situation? Did the Ukrainian team give the opportunity to hear the rhythm of the game in one of the two November matches of the Ukrainian team Andrei Lunin? Because both Pyatov and Boyko deserve more place at the gates of the Ukrainian team than Andrei Lunin. However, the nature of the matches that are already waiting in the nearest corner of Ukraine can be determined by other divisions. Furthermore, Shevchenko and his colleagues tend to provide “benevolent meslek assistance.

Denis Boyko (Dinamo)

On the other hand, Lunin did not appear on the field in a friendly match with Italy in early October. The whole match was then played by Andriy Pyatov, who was clearly unexplained by a willingness to evacuate the positions of those players who replaced the positions of a certain leader and favorite (referring to Shakhtar Donetsk's goalkeeper). In fact, the difference between the current tournament order. In Italy, for the friendly match, Ukraine traveled at the top of the struggle in the first place of the League of Nations group; and now with the Slovak (officially official) duel and duel with the Turks – this only sums up the football year. The tonality that Andriy Shevchenko will discuss at the end of the 2018 calendar year will not change. And the trainer's hands can be resolved in terms of rotation in the goalkeeper position.

Maybe Lunin needs confidence, and the national team needs a shirt. The young goalkeeper has a hard time, and this will play at least a little bit by playing for the national team. But will this not lead to an internal contradiction that reappears due to Andriy Shevchenko's commitment to redundancies? The coaching staff of the national team should find a Solomon solution.

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