Tuesday , August 9 2022

In the spring of 2019, the alpha season of the unmanned Roborace series begins.


In the spring of next year to support the racing series
Formula E is scheduled to start the first attempt. unmanned seasons
The race will be called the Roborace, Alpha.

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Machine Robocar, claiming not to claim, control
highly autonomous and hybrid car
Self-controllable DevBot 2.0 control
entrust the racer or this right to an automated system.

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Probably, in the first race, to have a trial status,
About a dozen cars will participate in the race
Part of the distance will be retained by people living and already completed.
automatic system.

The new development type will be the first two seasons.
planned for the new official presentation

There will be an innovation opportunity throughout the season
racers leave their car after passing the first half
distance, then will continue independently
automatic mode

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