Friday , April 16 2021

How to dress up this winter: tips stylists

Fashion is highly volatile and worn on the black list of designers and stylists a year later, worn yesterday as the last hit of the season. In the winter of 2019, some things and combinations should be abandoned.

So, here are the main anti-trends of the coming winter season.

1. Natural fur coat and feather coats

A few years ago, there was no jacket on the hood and collar. On the one hand, the owners of such floors, parks and jackets were dressed in very affordable costumes, and on the other hand, the outerwear was threatening expensive furs designed to create more status.

Now in fashion, it denies natural furs mainly for coats and coats under the coats. Choose casual jackets and make them more elegant with accessories.

2.Caps complex styles with decor

In the past seasons, fur puffs, brooches, fabric appliques, beads and ear-caps with complex shapes remained. These winter fashion and minimal décor. The exception to this is style prints and brand logos.

For others, follow the "less, better" simple rule, and you will definitely not lose. And remember: the more complex the texture of the headdress, the easier it is to style and vice versa.

3. hat and scarf set

A range of scarves and hats (sometimes with gloves) is an open contestant for the title of the main anti-trend this season. Any completeness – and this is not only true for accessories – it seems too far away. Freedom is now going beyond fashion, the frames and combinations of different colors and textures.

This does not mean that the hat and scarf should not be joined, but rather, choose a hat and a scarf according to the general principles of compatibility – contrasting or free colors – or combining a monochrome hat with a colored scarf.

4. Mid-calf boots

There is no such thing as high-legged bots in the middle of the calf. First, such a length will not decorate anyone, because it cuts one leg in the most appropriate place. Secondly, it's not just fashionable.

Select your most popular this season: motoboats, trekkers, Cossacks, classic boots or boots, boots or boots. The exception for the boots in the middle of the leg – cowboy boots in western style.

5. Sheathed sweater and kayak sweater dress

As for the Cossacks, it is not necessary to memorize a long list of those who are not in fashion. This is enough to learn a rule of the season – the trend of surveillance and free style.

And of course, such a trend, a narrow sweater from the game, a tight sweater and another special, but once popular style – Scythian sweater dress automatically excludes. It is a short volumetric dress that ends with an elastic and forms a lap in the waist.

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