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He became acquainted with the expertise of the widow case in Talkov.


14 November 2018 02:00

Singer Igor Talkova's widow, Tatyana, visited the Research Committee on November 13th, in 1991 when she met the investigation of the murder of a spouse. This was written by the Russian RIA Novosti news agency, referring to the press spokesman Irina Krasilnikova.

Tı Today, he was introduced to the Tatyana Investigative Committee, where he met all the examinations presented in the case. Tatyana was given a petition, dilek says Krasilnikova. Iğ It was not possible before, Öz he added, since there was no law on the condemnation of the suspects.

"And now the court appeared that the suspect in the case could take place outside the territory of Russia, and that the opportunity continued, but the case remained unresponsive but suspended." Said.

Earlier, Vesti reported that the investigation of Igor Talkov's murder continued in Russia. The singer's brother told me why he started again.

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