Saturday , April 17 2021

Hackers have reported the cost of cutting any iPhone

Hackers have reported the cost of cutting any iPhone

The company promises to hack any iPhone for 3.9 thousand dollars

The service will cost $ 3900. At the same time, the representatives of the company shall request from the documents confirming the owner.

The DriveSavers Company allows anyone to open an iPhone for any generation. This offer will be appropriate for people who have forgotten the password from the device or need to access the gadget of a deceased family member. The Verge writes about it.

For such purposes, the company has been using the "new patented technology" previously used only by law enforcement agencies.

In DriveSavers, we promise not to use technology to help enforce the law. Restore this way, terminate all data with photos and videos, starting with people and text messages.

However, all customers of the company will have to verify ownership of the device.

Earlier it was reported that Apple intended to produce more iPhone X, to compensate for the low sales of the iPhone XS and XR.

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