Friday , February 26 2021

GFS publishes first "euroblach" under new rules

GFS publishes first Euroblach under new rules


"Eurobleas" preferential clearance is valid for 90 days

The owner of the vehicle purchased in Germany has paid about 50 thousand hryvnias to the budget and saved more than 34 thousand.

The State Financial Service reported that the Chernivtsi Customs published the first vehicle on the “evronomerue” according to the new rules. This is stated on SFS & # 39; s website on Tuesday, November 27th.

A Ukrainian citizen, the 2004 Renault Laguna diesel-powered German car, cleared the passenger car by paying more than 49.3 thousand UAH to the state budget. Thus, the tax (10%) 4,6 thousand hryvnia, the consumption tax (preferential rate using the coefficient of 0.5) – 28,765 thousand UAH and VAT (20%) – was 15,957 thousand UAH.

"It is impossible to import this vehicle because it is forbidden to expire vehicles older than 8 years until the 25th of November when the law came into force with the introduction of new rules on the importation of foreign registered vehicles," the report said.

SFS recalls that within 90 calendar days from the day of entry into force of the law, the basic rate of excise tax is calculated with a discount of 50%, excluding those using coefficients depending on the age of the motor and the age of the engine. Therefore, three months later, the customs operations of this Renault Laguna would cost 83.8 thousand UAH. Thus the savings was 34.5 thousand UAH.

In addition, customs clearance amounted to 8.5 thousand hryvnia (minimum non-taxable minimum income of citizens) paid in the state budget in the state budget. If this vehicle is located in the territory of Ukraine, in contradiction with the requirements of the Customs Code of Ukraine, the money shall be paid by a person who has the power to destroy such vehicle or a person and declares such a vehicle for free movement in the customs territory of Ukraine.

As is known, the new rules for automatic customs clearance in euronamers entered November 26th.

On November 25, Eurobleners began to block checkpoints on the western border. Today, Transcarpathian and Lviv checkpoints a number of customs clearance movement.

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