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Gazprom's 171 billion UAH sentenced the Supreme Court to complain about the penalty

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According to the decision of the Ukrainian Monopoly Commission, the Russian gas monopolist must pay 172 billion UAH to Ukraine, but it is trying to judge this decision actively in the courts.

Photo: from open sources

Photo: from open sources

The panel of judges of the Economic Court of Appeals has not complained against the decision of the Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee (AMCU) on the imposition of a fine of 172 billion UAH on the abuse of the Ukrainian PONSK "Gazprom" in Ukraine on the monopoly position in the transit transport market in Ukraine. The relevant decision of the November 14 Supreme Court was made public in the joint record of court decisions.

"The complaint against PJSC Gazprom was rejected and the decision of the Kiev Economic Court of 19 June 2018 and the decision of the Supreme Court of Kyiv not to be changed in the judgment of 30 August 2018 and numbered 910/18299/16", – The court ordered it.


The document stated that the judicial actions of the previous examples were accepted in accordance with the norms of material and procedural law. I mean, in March-2018 Economic Court of Appeal of Kiev rejects "Gazprom" to fulfill complaint against Antimonopoly Committee decision.

and previous Supreme Court of Ukraine Gazprom refuses to accept a multi-billion dollar case. The Russian monopolist wanted to challenge the lower court's decision to fine the Russian company.

Recall that in February 2016, the AMCU decided to impose a fine of $ 85.9 billion, or approximately $ 3.2 billion, for violating the law on the protection of economic competition in Russian Gazprom. Gazprom passed all judicial processes, but the courts complained without complaining.

Subsequently, the AMCU counted a 100% interest on 85.9 billion UAH of a fine amounting to 85.9 billion UAH. December 2016 Kiev Economic Court approves AMCU's claim to impose a fine and penalty on Gazprom In the amount of 172 billion UAH.

Execution process The best AMCU from Gazprom Started in May 2017

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