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For martial law, the railway will run in a special mode – Ministry of Infrastructure

Omelyan instructed to strengthen the protection and defense of train stations, railway stations, airports, ports and other infrastructure facilities.

Omelyan said this

Omelyan said that "Ukrzaliznytsya" will work in a special mode / UNIAN photo

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Volodymyr Omelyan, said that because of the implementation of martial law in 10 regions, Ukraine has taken additional measures to ensure the protection and defense of infrastructure facilities, and that it has given the reports of Ukrainska Pravda.

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On Tuesday, said the administration of Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukravtodor, ports of Ukraine, the State Aviation Administration, representatives of Ukraine, ports, Ministry of Infrastructure structural units, said on Tuesday during an extended meeting with the press service of the department press reports.

Omelyan said it has instructed to strengthen the protection and defense of railway stations, railway stations, airports, ports and other infrastructures.

. We also offer a special mode of operation for rail transport, lar said the Armed Forces of Ukraine foresees the relocation of the rolling capacity of the railway network and its defense needs in the main directions determined by the General Staff.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, "Military service, according to the military decision, the priority of the determination of military action will be determined in accordance with the requirements," he said.

In addition, Andrei Galushchak, the Secretary of the Omelyan State Department, ordered the creation of an Operational Center for interaction with military command and military administrations to ensure compliance with the legal regime of martial law.

"We are working in a regular mode. There is no panic. All actions have been approved and coordinated. It is the highest attempt to protect the infrastructure and defend the state," he said.

. There is nothing new for us in the developing situation – every second-generation Ukrainian protects its territory from its northern neighbors. For this reason, we work calmly, but remain at the highest readiness level. Bu

According to him, it is planned to ensure the active participation of the transport sector workers in the Swiss model of regional defense.

Ti Everyone should be saldır a worried backpack ler that is ler ready for any kind of resources and a clear understanding of their actions in the event of an enemy attack ası.

It has also been reported that in the near future, field work will be carried out to coordinate and improve the coordination to be attended by the central government bodies, managers and enterprises, institutions and institutions that are in charge of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

On November 26, the Verkhovna Rada approved the presidential decision on the implementation of martial law. Petro Poroshenko said the martial law would begin on November 28th at 9 am and would take 30 days. And, as before, the decree on the website of the Verkhovna Rada was about martial law since 26 November.

On November 25, near the Kerch Strait in the Black Sea, the Russian Federation's Federal Security Service's border boats opened fire to the navy group of the Ukrainian Navy. The Russians wounded six Ukrainian soldiers and seized three ships driven by an axovan to Kerch.

According to Victor Muzhenko, Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there were 23 people on these ships in general. According to the Russian Ombudsman, 24 seafarers were seized.

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