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FFU, Ukraine – Turkey match in Antalya – has announced the transfer of football.u


Andrey Shevchenko & # 39; s team, the way to keep the match with Turkey.

Antalya Central Stadium, photo:

Antalya Central Stadium, photo:
November 08, 2018 at 17:46 am

The Ukrainian national team will play a match with Slovakia on 16 November under the League of Nations. And on November 20, yellow-blue will play a test match with the Turkish national team.

The Ukrainian national team was to play with the Turkish team at the Dnieper Arena. According to the official website of FFU, during the process of direct preparation for war, conditions that have affected the change of space have emerged.

In particular, the Turkish Football Federation representatives, FFU & # 39; s attention in November, the second half of the Dnieper & # 39; until weather conditions attracted the expected sharp deterioration and Turkey & # 39; he wanted the year to postpone the match. This issue was discussed with the head coach of both teams, Andrei Shevchenko and Mircea Lucescu's telephone conversation.

On November 7, FFU decided to move to Antalya and play in the central stadium.

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